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This paper "How Was the Plot to Kill President Garfield Created and Carried Out?" focuses on the fact that James A. Garfield, the 20th president of the US, was the second president of the US to be assassinated after Abraham Lincoln. Other US presidents assassinated are McKinley and Kennedy. …
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Download file to see previous pages Charles Guiteau had a very high means of opining about himself. He felt that he deserved to get a very powerful job in the United States, and James Garfield was in the best position to offer him that job (Millard 2012). However, the president did not offer him his wish; so he plotted to assassinate him.
Charles Guiteau was a republican like James Garfield and Ulysses Grant. Prior to the elections of 1880, James Garfield and Ulysses Grant were running for the presidency and James Garfield won the Republican nomination to face Democrat Winfield S. Hancock in the general elections. Guiteau had engaged in several ventures before joining politics. He then supported the Republican presidential candidate James Garfield after his favourite Stalwart candidate Ulysses Grant lost in the nomination. Stalwart was a Republican faction allied to the former president Ulysses Grant. The other faction was Half-Breeds led by President Garfield. The vice president Arthur who later took over as president after the assassination of President Grant was a Stalwart. Guiteau wrote a speech called Grant vs. Hancock which he later changed to Garfield vs. Hancock in support of Garfield (Millard 2012). He later said that his intention was to unite the two factions of the Republican Party; and one of the reasons why he murdered the president is because he thought it was the best way to resolve the divisions in the Republican Party which, according to him, were caused by President Garfield.
With these political sacrifices he made, Charles Guiteau hoped that the Republican government would offer him a good job. He aimed at a diplomatic post in Vienna and later asked for the same position in Paris. During the 1880 campaign, he was all over the Republican headquarters in New York City seeking rewards for his efforts which he believed to have caused the narrow win of Garfield over Hancock. Later after the inauguration of Garfield on March 5, 1881, he went to the White House in Washington and approached various Cabinet members and other republicans to seek for support.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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