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Marketing for nonprofit organisation - Essay Example

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Management and marketing scholars have determined that public sector and non-profit organisations are largely modelled after the traditional bureaucratic organisational structure, as influenced by Weber (Gibson, 1966; Cane and Thurston, 2000; Dent, Chandler and Barry, 2004)…
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Marketing for nonprofit organisation
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Download file to see previous pages Marketing scholars have similarly contended that the aforementioned only functions as an obstacle to public sector organisation's capacity for the design and, more importantly, implementation and adherence to marketing strategies and plans.
Even though management and marketing scholars have tended towards the critical perception of public and non-profit organisations, others insist that these perceptions are, to a large extent, both outdated and misinformed. Certainly, many public and non-profit organisations tend towards the aforementioned characteristics but, many others do not. The failure of some marketing and management scholars to recognise this is an outcome of their own misconceptions regarding public and non-profit organisational models and structures and does not, necessarily, reflect the reality.
Indeed, marketing scholars have proposed that the capacity of public and non-profit organisations to succeed, to respond to external environmental conditions and to achieve their strategic objectives is, to a large degree, predicated on the presence, versus absence, of a well-formulated marketing strategy. This is also the position that this research adopts and which it shall seek to establish through focus on Oxfam, a non-profit UK charitable organisation. By formulating a strategic marketing plan for Oxfam, the research shall establish that indeed, the key to organisational success is often, at least partially, dependant on a well-designed marketing plan.
Company Overview: Oxfam
The Oxford Committee for Famine relief, popularly known as Oxfam, was established in 1942, in the wake of the Nazi occupation of Greece, France and other European nations. From the outset, the organisation's objectives were specifically humanitarian and, more precisely, focused on the relief of hunger and famine aid. While it is a UK charitable organisation, its activities are global, seeking the address of famine and poverty wherever it may be found, irrespective of region, country or geographic and cultural boundaries (History of Oxfam,' 2007).
In order to attain its objectives, Oxfam primarily relies on individual and private sector charitable donations. The proposition being forwarded in this research is, within the context of a global environment which is replete with charitable organisations, many of whom operate on a global level, accessing donations and accumulating the requisite resources for the fulfilment of strategic objectives is, more often than not, difficult. Quite simply stated, there is extreme competition, with the key to success being a marketing plan as which centralises the organisation in the minds/consciousness of potential donors.
Research Methodology
The study relies on two data collection methods. The first is secondary sources, or relevant literature, both academic as found in journal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing for Nonprofit Organisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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