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Critiquing a Website - Essay Example

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Based on my review, I concluded that the website of National Alumni Association of University of South Alabama is a friendly and easy to use website. However, based on my findings, I developed some recommendations for improvement of the website. For the website I recommend
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Critiquing a Website
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Extract of sample "Critiquing a Website"

Download file to see previous pages The website being evaluated in this report is the It is used by old students and friends to establish connections with the alumni association of the University of South Alabama. Visitors can access the latest news regarding the alumni activities and also take membership if they meet the criteria. The website also has a newsletter which updates the members about the latest happenings. Information is also available about scholarships along with forms.
Ferocious jaguar eyes are what that greet you when you visit the homepage of the University of South Alabama National Alumni Association. The dark background against the bright colored banner does not have a desirable visual effect. One could nearly miss the white colored title of the webpage as it is overshadowed by the bright color of the banner. There are more than half a dozen links that are crammed up on the left side of the page. One needs to actually hunt for the "Home" link. It is the 16th link from the top and has small paw icon associated with it. There is no uniformity in the links on the left side of the page as some of them have tiny icons associated with them and some don't. There is description present on the homepage about the alumni which is too short. The homepage has two links with different names which open up to the same page, "Alumni Board" and "Board of directors ". Similarly "Contact Us "is linked thrice on the homepage and that is redundant. Apart from this there are different font sizes and bold text used in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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