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Child Socialization - Essay Example

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Human are born infant; i.e., out of the sense that where they are, why they are for, what they have to do, and when they have to do All what they know is to cry, cry and cry. Making them learn their objectives, styles that should be adopted to accomplish them, language to speak around etc…
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Child Socialization
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Extract of sample "Child Socialization"

Download file to see previous pages Later they make them learn all their experiences and styles of living life to infants they are blessed with. This in all is known as Socialization.
Socialization is the process to learn the norms, behavior, values and moreover identifying the individuality of own among a group of people. Not only this but also acquiring the social skill set appropriate for one in the social surrounding he/she is in. In other words, socialization is the second name of learning a human being carry out all through his life.
For example, in every culture a girl from her childhood learns how to act perfect as a daughter, as a wife, as a sister and as a mother other than at the same time as a professional lady working to earn. When a child is born from that day, parents and other relatives treat him/her in the same manner as every other person in the same community treats their child. When the child, grows he is sent to a school where culture of the same community being enhanced. Child start learning for whatever he observes being happening with him and is made to learn by his/her elders. When he starts working, he chooses his own community, society that suits his nature. For example, a child born in Muslim society will learn many things in addition not to talk with different gender if the one is not your sibling or close relative. But as child grows and observes the world and society around him/her, one start talking nicely with other gender to establish themselves in limits. Similarly, a child born in a poor family never eats more than once a day but soon he starts earning and starts having money his way of living changes by eating thrice or sometimes four times a day.
Every group of people has their own culture, beliefs, languages, rules and norms to spend life. Socialization is the process that makes the world interact with each other to know different way of living and changing their styles in a manner to adopt the best way to spend life. For example, if a child cries in a group of people, many cultures have many different ways to treat the one. One picks them and stands up rolling him to and fro. One gives them milk so that they can stay quite. Some beliefs that crying is not bad and child should keep crying so that his/her stubbornness won't build and they'll get strong. Some give them a toy to make them cheers and some takes out the child from the community in a separate room till child feel comfortable and stay quite. This style may raise child with a silent attitude. No style is wrong but different social techniques to handle a child.
Natural Socialization is what a child learns from his exploratory and discovering mind. Planned Socialization is when child's elder (parents, teachers and other relatives) makes them learn their single culture. Positive Socialization is one when people stays happy and learns everything from their experiences by memorizing only good and positive deeds of life whereas, negative socialization, is what people learn from their past bad experiences. To change negative socialized person into positive is necessary as his/her attitude may not be right for other people in the society.
There are many authors who wrote about socialization that is defined in different manners, in different situations. Annette Lareau is one of the famous writers who wrote many articles, journal and books on different topics of socialization. Issues like, "Gender and Parents involvement in Schooling", "An Excessive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Child Socialization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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