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A Small Scale Sample Survey - Essay Example

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The Sports Centre is supposed to be a Leisure establishment set up to provide a quality sports as well as health and leisure experience in whichever activity an individual may decide to participate in. Many writers argue that the sports centre is supposed to be a major local centre for sport and leisure courses open to staff and students as well as the general public…
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A Small Scale Sample Survey
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Extract of sample "A Small Scale Sample Survey"

Download file to see previous pages The sports centre should have modern amenities such as spacious gyms and air conditioned dance studios, several swimming pools and instructional pools, all aimed at facilitating it to offer Health and Fitness services to its clients (Bowers, 1970). It should therefore act as a place where the public can visit especially in the evenings, not only to improve health, but to make friends and to get fit with one's family as well as allowing their children to have fun (Bowers, 1970). Because of the foregoing, the researcher finds it necessary to investigate the sports centre to find out if it really satisfies these obligations.
This survey therefore aims to investigate whether the Sports Centre carries out its mandate as stipulated in its manifesto. The objectives of this survey will thus be to investigate whether the sports centre operates within its mandate of offering sport and leisure courses to staff and students as well as the public. It will also attempt to find out whether the sports centre is capable of inspiring its members and non-members alike, sharing information with them about how they can become fitter and feel great at the centre. Finally, the survey will set out to investigate whether the sports Centre is an inclusive leisure facility offering competitive, instructional and leisure exercise opportunities to all who visit it.
Since this is a small scale survey, the researcher proposes to come up with a questionnaire that will be used as the instrument of data collection. It is therefore the intention of the researcher to use a sample size and a sampling strategy that will best suit the purpose of this study.
The Target population
In this survey, the researcher wishes to target three categories of subjects in sampling his population. These include the staff, students and the public of the sports centre under investigation. These subjects are going to be selected because the researcher believes that they are better placed in giving the information that will help him to best investigate the sports centre. The staff and students will be involved in the study particularly because they are constantly in the sports centre and are thus able to learn the problems, if any affecting the sports centre.
The public on the other hand will participate in the study because they are basically the ones who are the recipients of the bulk of services offered by the sports centre. They spent their money for the services offered. They may also decide whether to take their children to the sports centre or not, pay their fees or not, all depending on the satisfaction of the services they get. Thus this makes the public very decisive in their children's participation of the sports activities.
The sampling strategy
Through stratified random sampling, the researcher intends to select his sample population of about two hundred and ten subjects. In each of the three categories from which the sample population will be drawn, the researcher proposes to randomly select seventy respondents, that is seventy staff members, seventy students and seventy members of the public. Half of these respondents in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Small Scale Sample Survey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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