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Communication Media - Essay Example

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The paper is dedicated to analyze the significance of songs or music as a powerful medium of communication or a tool of communication. Mostly we think that music or songs are only for the entertainment purpose and don’t play any other role in our life…
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Communication Media
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Download file to see previous pages Another name in this category is of a female artist Noor Jehan from who has sung songs to boost up the morale of Pakistani Army at kargil war (fought between India and Pakistan).Many people believe that her songs enabled young soldiers to die for their country with such a great passion. This was the power of this specific medium that not only contains healing power but also had the power to reinforce our goals of life. Sometimes we listen to a particular song and think that this is made for us as it represent our goals of life, dreams or the way I want to live life. It won't be wrong if we say that songs have become the tool of mass media. History of human world is a strong evidence of the power of songs and one of its example is the freedom of African American or "black people" when they accepted Christianity and started composing songs to preach the particular religion. They also used songs as a medium to express their feelings after getting freedom. These songs contain lyrics like:
Steal away, steal away, steal away to Jesus
Steal away, steal away, home
I aint got so long to stay here
My lord He calls me, He call me by the thunder
The trumpet sounds within my soul
I aint got so long to stay here
Many Africans accepted Christianity after hearing such effective lyrics. People remember the freedom of African Americans because of these songs so directly or indirectly these songs also played an important role in analyzing the history of African Americans as well. Music is no longer used for entertainment purpose only but a sort of infotainment that portrays our thoughts, ideologies, religion and needs in some cases as well. Robert Wyatt has also composed lyrics on mass media as a tool of communication which says:
And as history...
This report approves that songs are also used as alternative mean of communication for children who do not respond adequately to traditional treatment approaches. Physiotherapist through out the world use music or songs to do therapies and believe that it’s a way of relaxing the mind and body of human being. Not only human beings but birds also use songs as a tool of communication.
This essay makes a conclusion that that music was and is used as a tool of communication and is a powerful medium of communication as well. Today the songs or lyrics that are dedicated to represent cultures, religions or ideologies will be used by historians of tomorrow to analyze the history. Many young artists of today use music as a way to reinforce the mutual goal of today’s young generation and boost up their morals to do what they should do and majority of these songs are liked by masses.
Along with TV, radio, internet, publications and other forms of communication song is also a communication medium which is much older then all the mentioned forms. Researchers, historians and media people have accepted songs as a communication medium and so did many of common people. No wonder the way this medium is progressing; it could become one of the most popular medium of communication among masses sooner or later. Every culture of the world has cultural songs that represent their culture and ideologies. The purpose of composing such songs is to let the historians of coming generation know about the particular culture and indirectly a message that the particular culture doesn’t want itself to be forgotten from minds of the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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