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Results and Discussion and abstract (action research paper) - Essay Example

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To create a behavioral intervention plan based on Curwin and Medler's three-dimensional model is the interest of this study. This was to address the difficulty of the pupils in raising their hands during classes at the Adlaw, Kindergarten level, Raya School in Quezon City…
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Results and Discussion and abstract (action research paper)
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Extract of sample "Results and Discussion and abstract (action research paper)"

Download file to see previous pages The results revealed that the behaviors of Kinder Adlaw students during whole group sessions before introducing the clip system were not that good; the attitudes of the students towards the clip system were well behaved, competitive, confident, and very participative; and there are huge changes in the behavior of Kinder Adlaw after implementing the clip system.
Research provides information about the behaviors of Kinder Adlaw students during the whole group sessions before introducing the clip system, the attitudes of the students towards the clip system, and lastly the changes in the behavior of Kinder Adlaw after implementing the clip system.
It was found out that behaviorally, Gabriel often talked out of turn during the whole group sessions before introducing the clip system. He was very minimal in raising hand and was minimally called. With his very minimal raising of hand he was not called.
He sometimes raised hand and talked out of turn as evidenced by the total frequency values of 1 (1. Raised hand and was called), 1(2. Raised hand and was not called), 2 (3. Raised hand and talked out of turn), and 11 (4. Talk out of turn) respectively.
This means that Gabriel was very noisy, talked out of turn, yet attentive and active, but, lack discipline and respect for the one who is talking. This means that Gabriel was very attentive, but, he usually cannot wait for his turn. He is also very excited to share his answer and forget to raise his hand as he just shouts out his answer even if the teacher did not call for him. This shows that he has not learned the value of courtesy in social setting like classroom.
Gabriel's attitude towards the clip system was that of eagerness to gain clips, and shows interest in the discussions.
It is remarkably notable that Gabriel became more interested with the discussions. He often raised hand but sometimes forgot to control him self and talked out of turn. It was then improved because he controlled his excitement in answering teacher questions. In fact he has 11 clips in talked out of turn in pre test then reduced to 1 clip. This is remarkably a good sign that students' behavior can be improved.
2. Ilysse
Ilysse behavior was almost the same with Gabriel. She also often talked out of turn during whole group sessions before introducing the clip system. She also has very minimal occasions in raising hand and was minimally called. Despite her very minimal raising of hand, she was not called.
She also experienced raising her hand and was not called, and then turns to raised hand and talked out of turn. In that manner she became noisy, then, turns to talk out of turn. In this regard her behavior before introducing the clip system was very noisy, talked out of turn, yet attentive and active, but, lack discipline and respect for the one who is talking.
She was too sleepy and inactive during the session but she shows an eagerness to gain clips. Her interest in the discussion was not that good. It is important to note that Ilysse became conscious with her actions. She did not talked out of turn after implementing the clip system and became more interested with the discussions. In fact she often recited on the whole session even though she often was not called by her teacher. This means that Ilysse developed a self-confidence and discipline within the entire session.
3. Louis
Louis is the quietest during classroom discussions. But when he is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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