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Strategies of Coercive Diplomacy in Pursuing International Security - Research Paper Example

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In this paper, the author looks at the deeper meaning of coercive diplomacy and all it entails. He/she states that coercive diplomacy is successful in some instances and unsuccessful in others. The author looks at situations where coercive diplomacy is successful in pursuing international security. …
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Strategies of Coercive Diplomacy in Pursuing International Security
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Extract of sample "Strategies of Coercive Diplomacy in Pursuing International Security"

Download file to see previous pages International security comprises of the measures taken by nations and international organizations like the United Nations to ensure peace across the world.
In an effort to pursue international security nations and international organizations take measures like military action, diplomatic concords like conventions and accords. Without national security there will be no international security in the global arena international security is National security. The study of international security was seriously taken after the end of World War II, previously international security was studied independently then it was absorbed in the as a subfield of the study of international relations. The study covers topics like strategic and securities studies and also peace studies.
The present study of coercive diplomacy initiated by academic strategists Thomas Schelling (1963; 1966), Alexander George (1994), Oran Young (1968), Glenn Snyder (1977), and Robert Art (1980; 2003), is impelled by a fundamental apprehension with the political uses of force. In particular, the highlighting is on intimidation to use force and the limited applications of violence that lend credibility to such threats. To avoid having to impose “brute force” and instead to be able to get one’s way through the manipulation of threats, promises, and political relationships are the point. Yet, in the study of coercive diplomacy, there has been a tendency to downplay the diplomacy of isolating an adversary, despite such diplomacy’s potential to coerce by creating and increasing a target’s expectations of escalating costs. If leaders understand that their country is more vulnerable to military force when it is isolated, then the diplomatic process of losing support and being isolated will put coercive pressure on them.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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