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Diplomacy game - Essay Example

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The conflict began when the greens diverted tans main source of water; River Jordan, into its regions leading to adverse drought. After long years of…
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Diplomacy game
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Extract of sample "Diplomacy game"

Diplomacy Game A) Introduction The conflicts between the Tans; Israel and Greens; Palestine, can be d back when in 1967 through the infamous 6 Day War. The conflict began when the greens diverted tans main source of water; River Jordan, into its regions leading to adverse drought. After long years of sabre rattling between the two countries, the tans quadrupled the greens territory while doubling water resources into its power (Asser Para 1).
The tans proclaim that they had no intension of doubling their water resources before the greens-Asian countries provoked them (Asser Para 6). The result of the war led tans to occupy more territory than the Zionist movement in the 20th century. During the 1919 period, the greens stated at the Paris Peace Conference that they forcefully wanted to acquire the tans Jordan Valley (now West Bank) and Litani (Lebanon’s river); for its economy stability.
During the 1967 war, the tans exclusively took over the West Bank’s waters and the Galilee Sea but lost Litani. Through acquisition of the two large water bodies, the tans gained 80% of fresh water (1 billion m2 annually) leaving the greens with only 20%. The greens are further prohibited from using ‘their water’ by the tans belligerent military, leading them buy from the tans at inflated prices (Asser Para 13).
In times when the tans and its greens-territory water diminish, the greens are normally the first victims to be victims to be victimized through water rationing. The greens agricultural economy continues to reduce due to lack of sufficient water-bodies (Asser Para 18).
b) In most recent times, the tans military have been using depleted uranium weapons (DIME); Dense Inert Metal Explosive, to kill innocent civilians and children (Khan Para 6). The tans report its effort is to eradicate the greens militant groups who consistently fire against the tans. There have been diplomatic adventures to end the truce to no avail. The greens health ministry has reported numerous deaths and casualties’, majority of them being civilians and children.
The weapons being used are far more advanced than NATO’s weaponry in combating terrorism. The lethal weapons are made from tungsten alloy which have massive power during explosion. After the explosion, its coverage does not reach very far about 10 meters but the people around that region are left cut and with severe burns (Khan Para 4).
The tans are using the unconventional weapons against the Hamas; the greens proclaimed terrorists. Based on Khan Para 9 the tans military combated 10 sites used by the greens militant group. The tans military explained that the greens Hamas group, were frequently launching rockets which have been intercepted by the tans Iron Dome System.
Based on khan Para 11 there have been huge controversies about the use of white phosphorous shells which induces adverse burns. The International Law provides that phosphorous can only be used by soldiers for protection as smokescreen, but prohibited as a chemical weapon against innocent civilians. Contrary, the tans military strongly disagree against using such a weapon. The tans object that they only use authorized weapons under the International Law, which the human rights adamantly disagree, especially towards the greens populated regions.
Works cited
Asser, Martin. Obstacles to Arab-Israeli peace: Water. 2010. Web 12th May 2015 Khan, Nagish. Weapons used by Israel in Gaza war. 2014. Web 12th May 2015 Read More
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