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Trade unions in the work place can only have a negative impact on productivity - Essay Example

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The end of 18th century came with change of traditional into modern by machines and factories and set the new era of Industrial Revolution. In the initial stages of this revolution most of the people worked in factories for long hours perhaps from early morning 5:30 am…
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Trade unions in the work place can only have a negative impact on productivity
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Extract of sample "Trade unions in the work place can only have a negative impact on productivity"

Download file to see previous pages In 1932 when middle class males won the right to vote in Great Britain all the reformation started. Workers formed societies and in due course it was called trade unions. The aim of trade unions was to fight for better working conditions and better pay as a result changes were also brought to the working conditions such as 10 hour work days, child labour laws and required school. Therefore, a trade union is an organization which was formed to promote and protect the interests of a collection of workers. Often it was found that the interest of the trade union and the companies or factories had clashes that result in less productivity. This paper aims to provide information on how trade unions have had an impact on productivity.
From the initial stages of its formation trade unions are the workers' representative when deciding on the wages or working conditions with employers and/or governments. The status of trade union varies for country to country or state to state. While in some countries trade unions possess substantial freedom, from the right to Freedom of Association, to public demonstrations and active protest against political opponents such as strikes, in other countries it is totally opposite. In these countries the trade unions are actively suppressed by political or military rules, with little or no freedoms. Besides, in these countries the prospect of violence or even death is high. ...
In every country these unions are further divided into "locals", and are often united in national federations. These federations themselves will affiliate with Internationals, such as the International Trade Union Confederation.
Over the last few decades, trade unions have developed into a number of forms propagandize by differing political and economic regimes. The main aims, objectives and activities of trade unions vary but by and large can be categorized as follows:
Trade unions in the early days, such as the Friendly Societies, often offered a number of benefits to insure members against unemployment, ill health, old age and funeral expenses. Friendly Societies was formed in 1881 under the Trade Union Act, the Registrar of Friendly Societies was in charge for registering industrial bodies as well as trade unions in the state of New South Wales. Similarly, in many industrialized countries, these functions have been taken up by the state. In addition, the provision of professional training, legal advice, and representation for members still remain among the main benefits of trade union membership.
The second and one of the most important aims of trade union is that they are able to operate openly, are legal bodies and are recognised by employers, they may negotiate with employers over wages and working conditions.
When their demands are not met, trade unions may organize strikes or resistance to lockouts if their particular goals are not agreed by the authorities.
Trade unions may also encourage legislation favourable to the interests of their members or workers as a whole. They may also go to the extent of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Trade Unions in the Work Place Can Only Have a Negative Impact on Essay.
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