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Law Assignment - Essay Example

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When a movie producing company hires actors, the breach of contract can be of mainly two types. First one to be, the producing company quitting the actors and the second one being the actors drubbing the company. But in this case though both were not true and were true in one or the other sense…
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Law Assignment
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Extract of sample "Law Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages When we order a car or a thing there is a need to have a agreement between them and us. Usually those agreements will be in printed with the dealers and we unmindfully sign them as we do not anticipate any grievous on toward incidents. Though the problems occur rare the business people will be aware and will be careful in framing their agreements in putting all the onus on the customer in case of any unforeseen disasters.
In the case of the advertisement company actually they agreed for the contract just by ignorance of two new employees. After that Jay signed the contract ignoring to see the details of payment and liability terms. As the payment was typed 10 times the one agreed at the oral agreement and liability of the company was completely nullified by putting a rider in small letter that even any fault and ignorance of its own employees also was not to be bore by the company.
The fourth one may be about the health and inability caused to tom chews. The prescription of on-site doctor resulted in diarrhea (though the medicine was given by wrongly reading of the spoiled prescription paper). But the responsibility lies solely with company as they provided a doctor. There were no details about the on-site treatment of the actors. But by seeing the case and behavior of Jay and her signing of advertisement contract one can predict that she might have not followed necessary precautions in contract with Tom chews about the maintenance of him on site.
The last one may be about the promoting of the film in the prescribed time. As the advertising company bagged order for large amount for the small execution and was not intended to work; this may also cause a severe trouble for the Production Company as they has to face the problem of non execution of contract.
Breach of Contract
When a company and a worker enter into a contract and a dispute arises between them due to some reason. Here the dispute is injury of the workers (actors) on site. This made the work to come to a halt. When the company tried to hire new workers (actors) without settling terms with the old ones, they have all the right to sue the company. It was not mentioned whether the contracts with Bruce Spillis and Brad Spitt were settled (cancelled) or not. But by the way Jay handled the situations and contracts and the information she received about the execution it seems that she did not settled the terms with the former workers (actors.) This entitles the workers to fight in court for compensation. But if company tries to defend itself that it is their negligence that made them injured on site and prove it will be of some help in winning the case. It is difficult but not impossible. If the company succeeds in proving the negligence of workers they have to pay. But if it is not the case the company has to pay for old workers a full payment or reinstating them in to work. Though there is a chance for the company to prove its innocence there was very little chance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Law Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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3) The case was brought against the Defendant by the Crown Prosecution Service at the public’s expense. Whilst the case was effectively a criminal case, the decision was important in clarifying the distinction between offer and acceptance in contract law.

In this case, it w...
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Binding precedents come from earlier case law and, as suggested in the wording, must be followed even if the judge in the present case does not agree with the legal reasoning of the judge in the earlier case. In order for a precedent to be binding the facts of the present case to have to be sufficiently similar to the earlier case. Decisions given in a lower court to the one in which the present case is being heard will not be binding. For a decision to set a precedent it must have b...
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Mathew Fisher, the appellant, joined a band with Mr...
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