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Gay adoption - Essay Example

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Gay Adoption Should Be Legal Everywhere America is coming into a new age of enlightenment in the 21st century. With more and more states finding valid legal and moral reasons to declare the legality of same sex marriage, the country has openly declared to the world that equality of all sexes does exist in the republic of the free…
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Gay adoption
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Download file to see previous pages ”). This limited scope of adoption is contrary to the legal rights that the validity of gay marriage protects. If the couple find themselves free to openly love one another, why are the laws of the land preventing them from doing what comes naturally to a married couple? That of starting a family. Admittedly, same sex couples are not biologically capable of impregnating one or the other in order to achieve a naturally formed family. We also must admit that as a society there are still millions of children housed in adoption institutions or foster care systems looking for a good home. Good homes are hard to find these days, even with heterosexual couples. So why not give the same sex couples a try? Why not allow them to adopt a child and prove that they too can be exemplary parents to their children, even though they may not share the same bloodline? These adopted children need loving homes, who is to say that a a same sex home cannot provide that? What exactly are the reasons that our society still has inhibitions when it comes to allowing same sex couple to adopt? This paper aims to look at the arguments both for and against same sex adoptions with the full intention of providing factual information that will prove that allowing same sex adoptions will prove beneficial to the child and therefore, should be legally allowed across the United States. Let me begin this discussion by presenting the con side of the argument. These arguments range from psychological in nature, all the way to religious defenses. Whatever the argument presented, these non-supporters of the gay adoption cause do so on the same grounds, they are little informed and truly homophobic in nature which is why they are opposed to the love of a same sex couple being shared with a child who wants nothing more than the same. Politicians such as the United Kingdom's Independence party candidate Winston McKenzie has declared that gay adoption should be likened to child abuse and is a violation of a child's human rights. Mr. McKenzi claims that there is an abuse of the child's rights because; “that child has no opportunity to grow up under normal circumstances... There are people out there who bring up their kids encouraging them to believe they are gay themselves. ” (Chorley. Matt “Allowing Gay Couples to Adopt Is a Form of Child Abuse, Says UKIP Election Candidate). It is important to note that Mr. McKenzie is a Christian with anti-gay sentiments therefore same sex adoption was against his religious beliefs. Aside from religious points of view such as Mr. McKenzie's the cause for gay adoption was not helped by the June 29 news that gay father Frank Lombard sexually molested his 5 year old adopted son. Reports coming from the Associated Press indicate that this is a disturbing trend that is emerging from a scientific literature about gay fathers. According to reports: “The Arrest Warrant documents that Lombard sodomized one of his two adopted African-American sons and made the boy give him oral sex on-line” (Cameron, Paul Dr. “Lombard Demonstrates Why Gays Should Not Be Allowed to Adopt”). The main fear of the psychological community is that children in same sex adopted homes are dangerously exposed to child molestation due to the queer lifestyle of the adopted parents. In the peer-reviewed Psychological Reports journal, Dr. Paul Cameron of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gay Adoption Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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