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Child Adoptions (Domestic vs International) - Research Paper Example

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Child Adoptions Outline Abstract Introduction Discussion Conclusion Works Cited Abstract Modernity has brought with it a new dawn. Trends that might have been seen as unconventional before have started to be embraced…
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Child Adoptions (Domestic vs International)
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"Child Adoptions (Domestic vs International)"

Download file to see previous pages There are two forms of adoption: international and domestic. Domestic adoption is carried out within a native country of the child. On the other hand, international adoption involves adopting a child from a foreign country. Of the two, international adoption is more involving and hectic. The following discourse seeks to assert that international adoption is more complicated than the domestic one. Introduction Child adoption refers to the process through which a person who is not the biological parent of a child assumes parental responsibilities. The process entails the transfer of all rights and privileges of having the child thereby making one responsible for the child’s welfare. Most common reason for adoption is barrenness (Bharat 32). Unlike guardianship in which a person takes care of a child belonging to the biological parents, adoption provides one with permanent ownership of the child thereby taking full responsibilities and rights of parenting the child. These include renaming the child which is always giving the child a new family name. Additionally, the child assumes the rights and privileges of the new family. Adopted children have the right to inheritance, and consideration in important family functions. The process is emotionally engaging and requires effective consideration. There are two types of adoption: domestic and the international adoptions. ...
Discussion International adoption would most likely introduce a child to a totally different culture an aspect that may lead to culture shock. Consequently, getting used to a new culture in the case of international adoption would mean that it is more complicated especially if compared with the domestic one where one is mostly likely to be adopted within the same culture. This is normally the case since the international adoption involves taking a child to a new country. In such a case, the child would be exposed to a new experience since the demographical differences between the adopting and country of origin would be quite imminent. A child would therefore find it quite difficult to cope up with life in the new country. As expected, it would take some time before an adopted child fully adapts to life in the new country. This contributes to the complication in the process in case of international adoption. Legal and constitutional differences between countries complicate international adoption. Individual countries have their own regulations and legal practices which their citizens must adhere to before adopting a child. This is usually outlined in the constitutions. The differences in the legal frameworks between countries thus come as a hurdle while adopting a child. For instance, some countries outlaw homosexuality. In such countries, a couple which is homosexual would not be allowed be considered as married. In other nations, people who are homosexuals adopt children who they take care of (Leslie 22). Therefore, an international adoption where a gay person would seek to adopt a child from a country where homosexuality is outlawed would be complicated. This highlights how the process of international adoption might be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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