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Antoine Busnois - Essay Example

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France is known for its lovely environment that has been much conducive for many artists to flourish within the said city. During the renaissance period, the birth of the world's top most artists has been introduced to the human history. One of the most celebrated artists of that time was that of Antoine Busnois, a French poet and composer/musician.
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Antoine Busnois
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Extract of sample "Antoine Busnois"

Download file to see previous pages As for a fact, one of his best known work Lhomme Arme 'is still recognized and even used in several musical and theatrical presentations today. Lhomme Arme', like the other works of Busnois is a hymn of manifested art that relates to the soul of anyone hearing it. For this reason, many musicians saw the possibility of using this particular hymn in composing mass music hence suggesting that use of the said hymn never goes undoubtedly boring even when it is repeatedly applied in different songs. As a hymn, Lhomme Arme' is a musical factor that enhances other hymns that when it is combined with other musical arrangements, it becomes more appealing to the ear and warming to the heart.
Antoine Busnois primarily concentrated in developing music that is symphonic and easy to understand. People during his time were noted to directly respond to his music. Undoubtedly, the brilliance of his hymn endows the fact that the French art portrays both simplicity and complexity in so many terms. The arrangements may be complex at some point yet the simplicity of the sound produced by such a complex arrangement warms the soul of anyone hearing it.
Sound has been a prevalent concept in the society affecting and influencing humanity in many ways known to man. Because of the influential nature of music, this medium is perceived to an effective tool for society in different aspect. Every element of the general concept of sound becomes a significant one namely the voice, music, sound effects, ambience and even silence. Each of these elements brings a different significance mainly emphasizing the expression of the general theme of a certain project.
The use of voice can significantly influence the understanding of the expressed idea of the certain public or audience being pointed at. The intonation of the voice of the speaker can designate the emotion of the person and his or her loudness or softness will depict the personality, authority and character of the speaker. The use of background music, sound effects either through cyclical or continuous mean can intensify the environment's emotion which can later contribute to the personality of the speaker and/or character and can encourage the curiosity and enthusiasm of the audience. Also, these elements can significantly contribute to the meaning and intensity of the concept being expressed by the certain project thus aiding its dissertation and understanding by the public. In addition, the employment of the effects of silence as a background can also contribute to the expression of the general theme as it can set stages of excitement thus promoting the audience's interest (Altman, 1992).
Thus, the employment of sound through the application of each of its elements can significantly contribute to the general theme of a certain project as it promotes a better communication approach between the main concept and its audience. The use of sound can facilitates the dissertation and understanding of the public thus aiding the effectiveness of the project of communicating a certain concept and its significance to the society. On the part of Antoine Busnois' primary compositions, he uses the sound of his music to send ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Antoine Busnois Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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