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In this era of where microchips and robots are more than just at the mercy of our imagination, even libraries, our traditional repository of information, have joined the bandwagon in information technology. For several years now, most libraries have turned spaces for their bookshelves into computer laboratories, which offered an array of services…
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Library Media Center
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"Library Media Center"

Download file to see previous pages Information technology enabled libraries to expand their horizons by gaining access to diverse sources of information, which are always ready for updates due to rapid changes of the modern times. Consequently, libraries gained trust from the users of the new generation, who used to have doubt on published resources which can only be timely at the time of their publication. Additionally, extensive sharing has enabled libraries to save costs from spending library budgets due to the explosion in published output (Tanvir, 2005).
However, due to the rise of the utilization of information technology in libraries, some students have began to make decisions on which school to go to based on a school library's computer services (Capron, 2002) This has created overwhelming advantages for the large universities over small universities which are still in the process of adapting the latest technology in their school libraries. Hence, the bandwagon of information technology in libraries have somehow deprived small universities from expanding technology services as potential incoming students tend to prefer universities which have already adapted to the latest technological advances. Consequently, this case applies to all libraries as most users prefer "wired" libraries than conventional ones. Hence, the increased reliance on information technology has generated a disadvantage for most conventional libraries.
Moreover, as libraries tend to prefer online output of modern resources, conservative library users who still favor the use of books and journals are disadvantaged as the possibility of gaining access to published output of modern sources have become limited.
If I were to assume management of a school library center in a school with little or no technological infrastructure, where would you begin your efforts to upgrade computer resources Which library related technology should receive first priority
If I were to assume management of a school library center with little or no technological infrastructure, I would begin my efforts in upgrading computer resources by providing an ample amount space for a computer laboratory consisting computers with modern operating systems. Then, the first pace of adapting information technology should begin in providing internet access to this laboratory.
Internet access should receive the first priority in school library centers. This is because access to the internet will enable students to get hold of online sources of information of different fields, some of which are rare to find in publications. Also, students can somehow be assured that the information on the internet is updated, as compared to the information disseminated in published resources. For instance, modern lifestyle and the latest technological advances, which may take a year before entering the pages of a published output, can instantly appear on web pages within a matter of minutes or hours.
Additionally, most reliable information sources have initiated the World Wide Web, as their internal information service. For example, the European research center CERN uses the Internet in order to disseminate latest research findings to the public (Book, 1994). Hence, as the Internet rapidly spread in the academia, it will serve as a strong source of information in school library ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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