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The curriculum resourcing of the teacher librarian - Assignment Example

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Curriculum Resourcing of the Teacher Librarian Name Professor Course Date Abstract The curriculum is a crucial aspect in a student's life. It is used in defining the outline of the studies a learner is going to undertake. Therefore, helping the student has a swift flow with his/her studies…
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The curriculum resourcing of the teacher librarian
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Extract of sample "The curriculum resourcing of the teacher librarian"

Download file to see previous pages Once the best materials are selected, the students and the teacher will have an ample time to complete the required curriculum in the required time. The library is a celebrated institution in the life of a student. The library contains the resource that the student will need to get a better understanding of the studies he or she partakes. Hence, it should require well-informed curriculum materials. Introduction A library is a structured assortment of books, journals and even on line material an institution or community for gathering information uses that (Bishop, 2007). In the life of a student, the library offers a haven of information resource that can be used to ease the study work of the student. For students, this is usually critical because most of what they learn in school is mostly found in the library. Getting the necessary information; therefore, becomes vital to these young scholars. The resources found in the library are taken through thorough processes before they are qualified to be included as resource materials in the library. This is because a lot of care has to be taken when these sources of information are being gathered (Church, 2007). The absolute best books and journals should be used for the accomplishment of the apprentices, and the school. The compelling thing is that libraries consisted of stone tablets that were gathered in a room for storage in the past. These shows those even in the past, libraries were significant. The processes of acquiring the libraries' resource materials have changed drastically since then (Clayton & Gorman, 2001). The process of acquisition of the resource material has become more complex with time. This is because a number of factors such as units of study or subject/topic requirement must be considered for a resource material to be selected. The student should benefit from the resources choosen, or that are available to him. Most of the learning institutions have adopted new ways to ensure this (Conger, 2004). The modern library can have on-line platforms and visual aid gadgets just to mention a few. This has created a bigger platform for the student to use. So what make a dependable and resourceful library? What are the acquisition and selection procedures for these resource materials? In order to answer the following question we need to understand the need to be satisfied for the curriculum point of view. Curriculum In a modern school or any other learning institution, there are sets of courses that the learner needs to cover. These courses are put in an organized manner that ease and smoothes the student’s process of learning through out the learning period. These sets and the order they are organized in is called a curriculum (Craver, 2001). For the student to pass the studies he or she is taking, they must fulfill the curriculum to the satisfaction of their teacher or examiner. For a good curriculum, some few aspects should be carefully considered. These environments surround the student throughout the teacher’s course (Evans & Saponaro, 2005). They affect the learning process of the student, hence if lightly taken; the student may have trouble in his studies. One of the main aspects to be considered is the unit of works the student will have to take. The units of work are courses that student require to pass the level of education or to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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