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Modern methods of teaching English Language - Essay Example

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Modern methods of English teaching can be used partially and in combination with each other as they have complementary nature.
The essay seeks to outline the most modern methods of teaching…
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Modern methods of teaching English Language
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, English is one of the most widespread languages of the planet serving as the means of politics, business, and economics communication for world leaders. With the help of the technological innovation and Internet English vocabulary enriches with new words every day. However, there are also degrading process in the language, some grammar rules get redundant and there appear new on their place. Therefore, teaching English demands close attention to all the changes. Every teacher knows that despite general requirements he/she must elaborate personal approach to the teaching and choose among the numerous methods. It is possible to base the choice on the experience received at school or University, or follow already existing methods. There exist numerous techniques of teaching English Language. Some of them become outdated with the development of new technologies, and some get substituted with more efficient. It is hardly possible to choose one method that could be applied for every situation as each technique has its own purpose. It is necessary to know advantages and disadvantages of each method and be able to utilize them according to the situation.
There are numerous innovations in English language teaching which appeared in the past century. Many schools, teachers, and applied linguists strived to find the optimal and the most efficient methods of language teaching basing on their understanding of the learning mechanisms. Traditional methods were mostly concentrated on teacher`s explanation of the material, practicing of lexical and grammatical material, and skills development. Modern methods of English language teaching are more student-oriented comparing to the old methods, they encourage students to learn rather than make them learning. A student becomes involved in a half-natural process of interaction with a techer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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