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Teaching English Language Arts through Writing - Research Paper Example

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This paper describes a lot of research has been done on the topic of teaching the English Language to young children and much of it talks about the importance of reading and writing and the methods that can be adopted to make this an effective learning procedure…
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Teaching English Language Arts through Writing
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"Teaching English Language Arts through Writing"

Download file to see previous pages According to revised research, there are about four or five important comprehension sub-skills that include remembering word meanings, following paragraph structure, finding answers in the passage and drawing deductions from the passage. However, research to accurately study these methods has been difficult because researchers cannot seem to separate the effects of certain methods from the variable that affect them. Consequent studies on the topic tried to make use of “introspection, interviews and laboratory simulations” to achieve more accurate results. According to research, a child has been taught to read effectively if he/she can understand the text and translate it into his/her own language. According to Early’s research, for a child to develop exhaustive knowledge of the language arts, it is important for him/her to be exposed to various forms of the language, both through reading and writing so that the range of his/her language arts is successfully widened. Another research along the same vein talks about the theories and approaches that have been developed to help teachers teach young children how to learn the language arts through writing. Specifically, this research paper looks at some generalizations about children and their written language in the above-mentioned context and what implications these generalizations have for their teachers. People often think that writing serves numerous different functions and purposes, for example, we use it to express ourselves and describe things too. It has many different forms and can be addressed at many different audiences, for example, written language can be in the form of stories or poems and be addressed to one’s self or someone we know. It consists of three important phases and consequently, the phases of a child’s language arts development depend on it. Lastly, children should write frequently and that their teachers should practice writing as well in order to teach it better to their pupils. All these generalizations have implications for the teacher of the language arts. Since writing is a means of self expression, children should be encouraged to look at their written pieces much like you would look at any other piece of art in another form. To let the child develop mastery over the written language’s several purposes the teacher must focus on creative writing, argumentative and descriptive writing etc. To let the child feel more comfortable with his/her writing the teacher may let different forms of writing be available at their disposal. To help the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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