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Hope Over Despair - Living With HIV / AIDS - Essay Example

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HIV / AIDS is the deadliest pandemic in the history of mankind. In the 25 years since its discovery in 1981, it has killed more than 22 million people and orphaned over 13 million children so far. [1]. These figures make it more virulent than the two World Wars combined…
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Hope Over Despair - Living With HIV / AIDS

Download file to see previous pages... Information about and prevention against such a wide spread disease should be common knowledge. But due to cultural, social, religious and personal reasons the subject remains a taboo, the resultant ignorance thus fuelling its spread and increasing its casualties. With no cure for HIV / AIDS in sight, the need of the hour is to create awareness about the disease and its preventive measures.
The first recorded AIDS - related death in Britain was that of Terrence Higgins on 4 July 1982. By the end of March 2006, there were 78,883 people living with HIV and 22,099 people suffering from AIDS in UK. [3]. According to Health Promotion Organization, "over 90% heterosexually acquired HIV infections diagnosed in the UK during 2004 were probably acquired in high prevalence countries, mainly sub-Saharan Africa..". [4]. Within UK, the black minority ethnics acquiring HIV is relatively low as compared to other areas or countries. But it is steadily on the increase. The main reason for this is increased migration from African countries and the typical social, cultural, religious and health-care beliefs of these migrants.
Among the African people sex is a taboo subject. Fathers never discuss it with sons and a mother is not supposed to discuss it with daughters. This creates a vacuum in the normative learning needs of an individual. Coupled with the natural fear of being diagnosed with HIV and the accompanying stigma and discrimination, a person suffers in silence without seeking expert help. At times the person is forced by economic reasons to migrate from his host country. In the new country he or she is usually short of finances, which proves excellent breeding ground for indulging in un-ethical practices. That is why, according to www.avert.org, there were 6727 new cases of HIV diagnosis in UK in 2005.
As a professional health promoter, I believe that it is incumbent upon us to teach these people about the disease in general to create an awareness in them which will enable them to make better decisions. It is felt that such an education will also enable them to overcome their traditional idiosyncrasies to change their health belief models so that either they exercise precautions or else seek help and advice.

What is HIV
HIV is an abbreviation for "Human Immunodeficiency Virus". There are two types of HIV virus. First is HIV-1, which is considered to have originated from Chimpanzees and is the most prevalent type in the UK. Second is HIV-2, considered to have originated from Baboons and is found mostly in West Africa. HIV-1 is comparatively more deadly than HIV-2.
The origins of HIV in humans are shrouded in uncertainty. Although documented cases date back to the early 1950s, unconfirmed cases go as far back as 1934. However, the first recognized case was recorded in 1981 in New York.

How Does HIV Work
The human body has a group of cells and organs known as the Immune System, whose primary task is to fight off viruses and infections. Normally it is able to accomplish this task fairly effectively. But HIV in an infected person attacks the immune ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stigmatization and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS
It is clear that the people living with the disease have been neglected and discriminated against in their society.   In researching this, respondents were asked to answer relevant questionnaires through telephone conversation. These respondents were selected from health care and HIV centres in Kumasi.
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Topic: Aids/HIV
These fluids transmit the virus, since it moves from the infected individual to uninfected person. HIV/AIDS is usually spread through sexual intercourse. Other forms of transmission include sharing of needles, especially when using them for street drugs, mother to fetus transmission, and even kissing (Johanson 236).
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Challenges of people living with HIV/AIDS
The social research project to be undertaken is the challenges that Africans living with HIV/ AIDS face. There are many people who are living with HIV AIDS in Africa.HIV /AIDS is an issue of serious concern in Africa since where the major determinants of health in these countries are gender and poverty.
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In 1982 the term “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” was coined to describe the array of symptoms noted in individuals with AIDS. The underlying cause of the array is a depressed immune response characterized by the appearance of opportunistic infections, so-called because they are caused by organisms which do not cause disease in healthy individuals.
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However, there are also CD4+cells within the central nervous system, these being the microglial cells which are of monocyte or macrophage lineage. These cells can be productively infected by HIV in vitro, and in vivo there is evidence of an HIV-induced cytopathic effect since syncytia-like, multi-nucleated cells are seen in the brains of HIV-infected individuals.
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Immunodeficiency is a condition that leaves human beings susceptible to infection by the natural defect of the immune system or by viral infections like AIDS (Leksmono, 2008). In the UK, the death of a 49-year-old man in Brompton Hospital, London in 1981, due to a very weak immune system, may have been the first recorded case of HIV/AIDS.
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The author of the essay states that HIV is the virus that causes the gradual collapse of the immune system that enables AIDS diseases such as Pneumocystis pneumonia, Kaposi’s sarcoma and a host of other conditions to affect the patient. It should be pointed out, risk behaviors for receiving HIV are unprotected sex and needle sharing among injectable drug users.
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The advances in medicine in the 90s, and the anti-HIV combination therapies made it possible for people with HIV/AIDS to live longer, thereby making chronic condition care a
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The Experience of HIV Diagnosis Among Aboriginal People Living With HIV/AIDS and Depression
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In the first article HIV/AIDS Epidemic Still Ravaging African Countries by VOA’s Kim Lewis, the author dispels the notion that some of the African countries are winning the war against HIV/AIDS. The article asserts that the pandemic
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