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Create an alternative ending for Hunger Game - Essay Example

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To some extent, the ending was noted to be depressive for readers who were supporting particular teams in the novel. The ending was disappointing since it did not give a definite…
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Create an alternative ending for Hunger Game
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"Create an alternative ending for Hunger Game"

Download file to see previous pages Having not played the role, the ending let me down. This led to the writing of my preferred alternative ending that tries to cover all these aspects that the author failed to take into account during his original work’s end.
The entire work of Collins is admirable but as it comes to the ending of the story, the author looks like he ran out of steam and needed to end the story as fast as possible. I think about Dr. Aurelius’ advice about letting go or at least trying to let go, of anger and hurt, blame, not for anyone else but my right. He believes that my feelings of resentment and hate inside myself that makes me want to shut everyone out will only grow like poison inside me. I think about the last few weeks of my troubles only feeling worse the more I ponder on it. Other citizens of District 12 like Greasy Sae seem to be hopeful about President Paylor’s suggestions on the new laws being arranged to offer equality throughout Panem. Everyone seems to be satisfied, except the few survivors from the Capitol, who have had to learn to live with fewer luxuries now that resources are being shared more evenly. Things in Panem are brightening up. I feel a part of me wanting to share in this brighter future but the shadowed feelings of guilt and despair weigh heavier on me and tell me I don’t deserve to share in it, after all, the pain I caused and the deaths of those who believed in me. What were they thinking? What did they observe in me that was any good? And how do I let this go?
Gale’s last comment to Peeta “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.” still gives me chills and annoys me a little. But then I have to remind myself that he had every right to feel hurt. He was always waiting by my side. Waiting for me to decide but never forcing me to choose just patiently waiting. I think about this again and try to search within myself for the truth. ‘Who can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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