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Drugs : should their sale and use be legalized - Essay Example

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Armchair critics might rant about how rampant drug usage is especially amongst young adults; even the common man is just as vulnerable. What is even more alarming is the fact that kids as young as 16 are doing drugs. …
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Drugs : should their sale and use be legalized
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Extract of sample "Drugs : should their sale and use be legalized"

Download file to see previous pages According to some voluntary organizations dedicated to drug and alcohol de-addiction, in the last few years' lots of youngsters have started approaching them. They also say that drug addicts start taking drugs at 15 or 16, but only come to the rehab centers when the situation becomes grim or out of control. This is because they start taking drugs recreationally and by the time they start having problems and decide to seek help it takes time. Unlike social drinking which doesn't affect one's lifestyle, there is nothing like social drugs because substances like cocaine and heroin are very addictive and illegal. The problem arises because most youngsters believe they won't get addicted not realizing that with drugs like cocaine and heroin it's very easy o get hooked on.

There are many reasons for teenagers getting addicted to drugs. One of them is due to the depression and tensions caused due to the domestic problems they face other due to the friends who encourage them to enter into the drug world. Parents who are addicted to drugs regularly are found to be one of the main reasons and indirectly they are encouraging their children to become drug users.

When one snorts cocaine for the first, time, he/she experiences a great high and unfortunately one is forever trying to match the euphoria afterwards.
You also feel very confident after snorting and then gradually start increasing the amount to maintain the same artificial high afterwards. Then you get you own dealer and slowly start snorting at home as well. At his stage you become an addict.
It’s hard to imagine how a 15 or 16 year old can get into drugs. After all this is the age where the only unhealthy thing that students experiment with would be smoking.
Symptoms to watch out for
Gross change in behavior
Gross change in sleeping patterns
Spends more time in the bathroom
Drastic change in eating habits. Loss of appetite.
Being suddenly aloof form the family
Brunt fingers and yellow discoloration on nails.
No interest in self-care
Check out their friends, mobile bills, college attendance and academic performance too.
Parents are the last to know about drugs
Psychiatric Society agrees that 16 is a very young age to get into drugs, but says when you enter college you gain a lot of freedom, are at an impressionable age and get sucked into the wrong crowd.
If parents suspect that the child is in to something they talk to him or her. The teenager will definitely deny it, but parents should firmly talk to the child, maybe not at that time, but later on you may not realize how dangerous the situation is and we need to take you to a doctor for a check up. Get him/her professional help. A psychiatrist and his team are well qualified to help a child if a rehab is not immediately available. It's advisable to take the school or college authorities into confidence too because not only can they monitor the child, they can find out if there are peddlers around the campus, if other students are addicted too.
Addiction to nicotine, the major constituent of tobacco, leads to coronary heart disease, is associated with the development of chronic bronchitis and distension of lungs resulting in breathing difficulties. The high tar and nicotine contents in the cigarettes sold contribute to increase lung cancer.
Due to increase in the numbers of drug users, with the help of NGOs government started campaign against ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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