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Drug legalization is the process of allowing the market to set prices for drugs that are available in the market and what quantities are to be traded for consumption by human beings (Eldd 3). The enactment of drug prohibition rules restricts the individuals’ freedom to be…
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Download file to see previous pages Legalization processes involve giving prescriptions of legalized drugs, providing licenses to legal drug dealers, such as hospitals, enforcing laws on any sale of drug to a minor, and advertising the rules and regulations that go hand in hand with drug legalization among others. This provides general awareness to the whole population.
Drugs are legalized to avoid causing negative externalities on others, to reduce public spending on health, and to avoid upsetting people who are not in contact with the drugs. Through legalization, contagious drugs and premature deaths are avoided.
Prolonged periods of drug use results in addiction. As a result, the drug addicts become violent and commit crimes to generate money to buy drugs. Jensen (2) asserts that most drug addicts were criminals even before they started using these drugs. These criminal acts involve stealing, killing and even kidnapping others to raise funds to buy the drugs. Through these acts, the users and non-users are affected.
The prices of these drugs are determined by unregulated market, which is led by demand. This leads to high prices of drugs resulting in massive crime acts. To reduce these acts in the economy, the government imposes rules and regulations on drug users who are found to be committing crime and violating the public. The market prices are regulated by lowering the prices, which translates to reduced prices. For example, cigarette smokers will not steal from the public to buy cigarettes and thus crime rates will be reduced. Air pollution caused through smoking cigarettes and bhang will also be reduced.
Wilkins and Scrimgeour (334) argue that the illicit market produces low quality drugs, which lead to a rise in the number of violent criminals. The street crimes then rise so as to finance these drugs. Tax imposition on these drugs maximizes the social products and the quantity of the drugs that are being produced. The pigouvian tax framework ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Choose One of the Subjects Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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