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Choose one a particular subject from the book - Essay Example

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Betrayed: The Assassination of Digna Ochoa is a book which investigates the death and also the life of Digna Ochoa who was a Mexican human rights attorney. The book tells us about her journey from a girl spending her life in poverty to becoming supporter of her country’s most ill-treated people…
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Choose one a particular subject from the book
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"Choose one a particular subject from the book"

Download file to see previous pages The book was written by Linda Diebel who is known for working in order to uncover the human right abuses that are covered by a glossy lie which sabotage the democracy and the freedom. Investigation in the book is linked with a great historical event which was assassination of a great and internationally well known human rights lawyer Digna Ochoa during the year 2001. Book starts with an extensive survey of the political landscape of Mexico which unfolds the upsetting development of death squads which are based in a Canadian tourist destination. The inquiry which was linked with Ochoa’s murder is a very important controversy in the history of human rights and people protecting human rights. Her murder which on the surface was declared a suicide was an obsession for Diebel who knew Digna Ochoa. They were together for about seven years while they were working in Star’s Mexico City bureau. The said book narrates about all the horror and mysterious stories which came out of Central America’s history in. There is a suspicion drawn by Diebel towards government authorities linked with asking too many questions which are an integral part of history. Diebel talks about all the important historical events linked with Ochoa’s death where she herself was present and she recorded the events first hand. Digna Ochoa was demanded dead, on 19th October 2001, she was found shot twice, once in the thigh and once in the head at the office on Mexico City’s Zacatecas street which was located in the rundown Colonia Roma neighborhood. People who were close to Ochoa were not that surprised when they got to know about her sudden death as they were well aware of her practice of law which was extremely risky. She was a scorching and minuscule ex nun who was a pain for the political establishments for several years along with the Mexican army. She had a strong say on the court and was an integral character in the arena of international human rights. She was associated with many human rights campaigns on behalf of the accused Zapatistas who were ill treated and tortured by the Mexican army and other cruel clients. Ochoa was an Indian descent and she has a special feel for the Mexico’s indigenous poor and she was an important and crucial character in the cases that were challenging and against the nation’s new post NAFTA economy along with all the impact it was having on the poorest classes negatively (Diebel, n. p.) One week before her murder, Ochoa was in the rugged hill country of Guerrero which was beneath the brooding peaks of the Sierra Madre where she met peasant activists working for the organization of peasant ecologist of the Sierra Petatlan. It talks about the fact how all these people were locked in life and death struggle with the politicians and also the American logging companies. The book clearly reveals how the peasants wanted to stop the forest clearing which was covering the Sierra forest which was extremely profitable and important for the powerful and the rich class as the trees disappeared throughout the mountain road but it was extremely important peasant ecologists as it was like a life sustaining base for them. Many group members were already arrested on various charges along with many hiding in the caves of Sierra and also the canyons (HarperCollins, n. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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