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My score for Tolerance for Ambiguity is 41, which is lower than the average range of 44-48-this means that I have a higher-than-average tolerance to stimuli or situations that are not exactly set in stone or those that can be considered black-or-white. I very much agree with this result for I have always regarded myself as open-minded and liberal in my views and principles…
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A Personal Assessment Using Self-Assessment Inventories
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Download file to see previous pages It is better to accept those differences and use them towards my advantage (i.e. in coming up with better solution to problems) instead of imposing a rigid code of conduct. People with low tolerance to ambiguity also tend to make use of stereotypy, which I think is a negative way of analyzing people, ideas, or actions.
My scores in the subscales reveal that the major source of intolerance for me is complexity, which is by far greater than my scores for novelty and insolubility. I do not fully agree with this result because I feel that I am comfortable with complexity. I feel the results for this subscale cannot be applied to all situations in my life as a formula, but I am not discounting the possibility that this may only mean that I am just less tolerant to ambiguity when the situation seems to be composed of elaborate and intricately interconnected parts.
The Locus of Control test shows whether I believe the outcomes of my actions depend on what I do or on factors beyond my control. Since I got a low score (and indeed, it is even lower than the comparison data), this indicates that I have an internal rather than external control. I agree with this explanation and the test has been instrumental in making me realize that my attitude towards the forces responsible for the outcomes of my actions has been responsible for many of successes (as well as failures) in my life. I believe that blaming people other than yourself for your miseries is not only self-defeating, it hinders you to succeed and take control of your life. While I think luck does play some part on some people's success, I am not the type to sit around and wait for Lady Luck to call. I believe that the best way to succeed is to work for it-that way too, I can have control over the direction of my life. I believe that this attitude will lead me to become happier and more fulfilled.

Cognitive Styles
The Cognitive Styles test has affirmed that I am an intuitive rather than a sensing person. My Intuition scores far outweigh that of my Sensation's, 7 to 1. This explains why I seem to prefer subjects that require complex and comprehensive understanding rather than those that appeal to the senses. I prefer to take in information through imagination rather than by details and facts. When perceiving my environment and gathering information, I prefer to explore different possibilities, rather than settle on a concrete set of rules. I now realize that this is the reason why I tend to do better in essay-type examinations rather than multiple choice/fill-in-the-blank type ones. I am also adept in finding symbolic representations in my surroundings-sometimes when I am walking my dog in the park, I will suddenly be struck with a sense of nostalgia-a single falling leaf can conjure poetic imagery in my mind.
As to whether I am a thinking or feeling person, my test scores tied in both areas. Since I am male (and am therefore traditionally predisposed to being a thinker rather than a feeler), results suggest that I am more of a "feeler". I concur with this conclusion mainly because I feel that I am more in touch with my emotions than the average man. While it can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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