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Strategic Human Resource Planning - Essay Example

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Strategic planning is when an organization or an individual sets goals, describes a strategy to achieve them and identifies how it can improve from previous experiences. This includes resource allocation, cost-benefit analysis and various other techniques…
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Strategic Human Resource Planning
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Extract of sample "Strategic Human Resource Planning"

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Strategic Human Resource Planning Introduction Strategic planning is when an organization or an individual sets goals, describes a strategy to achieve them and identifies how it can improve from previous experiences. This includes resource allocation, cost-benefit analysis and various other techniques. It helps an organization decide how it is going to function in the future. Therefore, Strategic Human Resource Planning is handling an organization's human resource with a strategy which allows an organization to enjoy higher efficiency, effectiveness and good decision-making.
Charmagne's consideration of Strategic Human Resource Planning
"The range of activities and themes encompassed by SHRM is complex and goes beyond the responsibilities of personnel or HR managers into all aspects of managing people and focuses on management decisions and behaviors used, consciously or unconsciously, to control, influence and motivate those who work for the organizations - the human resources" (Price, 2007)
What Charmagne was considering was a combination of this and Issues-Based Strategic Planning, under which goals are prioritized. According to her, producing products with good quality corresponding to the specifications of the contract is more important than getting the larger contract. She is also carrying out a cost-benefit analysis which helps her predict that recruiting trained workers from the market in this short span of time means high costs for the firm. Probably even higher than the benefits that they will enjoy from the large contract. However, she is more concerned with delivering a good quality product rather than motivating
Benefits to Charmagne of developing corporate strategic plans
Proper Corporate Strategic planning comes with proper analysis of all the different aspects of the scenario, its alternatives and the external factors affecting decisions. Charmagne's strategy is not based on impulse but has facts, figures and practical study to support her argument. And when she is challenging Brian, this strategic plan will help her put forward her points to him concretely and more clearly. She can show Brian the forecasted costs of hiring new workers and the forecasted cost of training the present employees and by comparison prove her point to him.
Charmagne is looking at the big picture as she is realistically evaluating the negatives of situation. She is presenting the organization as a whole to Brian than just focusing on the individual departments. Charmagne's course of action ensures long-term benefits such as survival and growth. This will be achieved by manufacturing goods of better quality that were originally specified to them. Her approach also helps to set definite goals that can be focused on, one after another.
In the end, in my opinion, the approach that Charmagne is taking is certainly relatively better than what Brian is choosing for Sharpco Manufacturing. Charmagne proposes that if the project is tried to be completed in one year, the costs will be higher than what the company would get out of the contract from Medord. Her approach is planned, tactical, calculated, and considered. Hence, there are higher chances that her strategy will yield better results.
Price, Alan (2007). Human Resource Management in a Business Context. Third Edition. CENGAGE Lrng Business Press Read More
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(Strategic Human Resource Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Strategic Human Resource Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Strategic Human Resource Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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