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Ordination - Essay Example

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One of the most controversial issues of serious debate in Christianity has been concerning the ordination of women and the ordination of associate pastors. According to the cultural or theological traditions of the historical Christianity which includes the Roman Catholic Church, Orthodoxy, Lutheranism, and Anglicanism, ordination is a sacred duty of the males, and females have been historically excluded from this service…
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Download file to see previous pages In spite of the strong protest against the ordination of women by the conventional Christian thinkers and scholars, there is an increasing opinion in favor of the practice of ordaining women and associate pastors. In this background, it is important to make a reflective analysis of the topic and take a strong opinion regarding the controversy. "Women in the ordained ministry have been the focus of considerable public interest and controversy, perhaps more so than any other professional occupation... Occasional cracks have allowed a few women to move into leadership positions, offering hope to scores of other women clergy. But female leadership in mainline denominations remains at token levels." (Nesbitt 1997, 3). In fact, the question concerning the issue needs to be realized according to the different contexts of the Christian traditions. It is, therefore, important to relate here that it is not easy to come to a conclusion regarding the issue as the opinions of every group is based on specific cultural, theological, and traditional beliefs and practices of different sects. Whereas the traditional and conservative view of the question forbids the ordination of women and ordination of associate pastors, a researched and thoroughly studied position on the question would be to grant women the equal rights for ordination along with men. Such a view favoring the ordination of women and ordination of associate pastors would not only improve the status of women, but, more importantly, would uplift the status of this divine vocation as such. Therefore, it is important that more and more strong opinion supportive of the ordination of women and ordination of associate pastors is the need of the period.
In a reflective analysis of the question concerning the ordination of women, it becomes lucid that the argument against the ordination of women and ordination of associate pastors is the result of several complex aspects. Thus, it is relatable that the Catholics defend the Church's position on women's ordination mainly due to factors which are of common interest to the group. That is to say, the question of ecumenism is a strong factor deciding the position of the Catholics and orthodox Christians, and they wish to avoid factors that may hinder the scope of ecumenism with similar Christian groups. "Conservative Catholics who agree with the tradition of restricting the priesthood to men," as Ferrara and Wilson point out, "do not wish to offend their Protestant friends who have grown accustomed to female pastors or who may even be female pastors. Nor do they wish to insult their fellow Catholics who may think women should be ordained." (Ferrara and Wilson 2003, 33). Therefore, the position taken by the Catholic Church on the issue is determined by factors of their specific concerns, along with the traditional and cultural aspects. In fact, the arguments against the ordination of women and ordination of associate pastors need to be carefully analyzed and the basic issues concerning the question be scrutinized. Whereas the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ordination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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