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Influenza Vaccine During Pregnancy - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Influenza vaccine during pregnancy" describes influenza or influenza is an extremely infectious viral disease caused by the RNA virus. This flu includes myalgia, affecting the back muscles]. The condition is devastating as it may result in serious complication encompassing…
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Influenza Vaccine During Pregnancy
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Download file to see previous pages after the first dose, whereas previously unvaccinated children below 9 years were recommended with two doses of vaccine, the priming dose as well as the booster dose. The adverse reaction observed in these individuals involves soreness, fever, malaise and Guillian- Barre Syndrome (GBS) (1/100,000) recipients, other adverse drug reports encompass nasal congestion, headache, myalgias or fever (Stinhoff et al, 2012). Pregnancy is a condition that affects immune system to a greater extent as a result woman becomes prone to the health hazards caused by the flu or other complicated condition such as pneumonia or respiratory distress. Further, these conditions may culminate into premature labor or delivery of a preterm baby. Prevention of flu is therefore highly imperative. Vaccination as a preventive measure is a way to protect the fetus, infant stage. Childhood flu vaccines can be provided at or after 6 months of age. However, vaccination during the pregnancy results in the formation of antibodies which are passed on to the developing fetus and hence a passive protection or immunity is provided to the fetus. This flu vaccine is prepared from the inactivated virus while the nasal spray is prepared from the live virus which is contraindicated during pregnancy (Ayoub & Yazbak, 2006). Symptoms of Influenza Symptoms of influenza involve fever, myalgia, malaise, headache, fatigue, cough, sore throat, rhinitis etc. Such conditions could be assessed by performing viral culture and testing for the presence of viral antigen. Influenza virus possesses airborne transmission and person to person contact. The virus possesses an incubation period of two days and there is an abrupt onset of these symptoms. Observations reveal that influenza is accompanied by the complications like...
Influenza spreads potentially in the community and is capable of causing spread and intensity of illness of the patient. The virus is capable of changing its antigenic forms from 1918 to 2009. Human is the indirect host and is known that pig serves as a host for human as well as avian species. Its transmission is through droplet nuclei as well as body discharges. The virus invades the respiratory epithelium after the incubation duration of 1-7 days. A damage to epithelium we followed by the immune response. Characters displayed by the patients encompass fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting followed by hospitalization. Vaccination against the devastating disease influenza is highly essential to prevent the development of complications, especially pneumonia in children. During pregnancy the immunity provided to the developing fetus is passive, it can prevent the fetus from influenza. Reports of teratogenic as well as carcinogenic implications of the condition have been observed. Although with research studies the success rate has augmented still a lot of controversies regarding the influenza vaccine are gaining prevalence. On one hand, the reports highlight the positive consequences of the influenza vaccine in preventing the disease condition while on the other hand there are reported the incidence to display the teratogenic as well as the carcinogenic impact of the influenza vaccine. Dreaded diseases like pH1N1 could be combated due to the administration of pH1N1 vaccination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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