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Flu Vaccination- Benefits and Contra-indications - Research Paper Example

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Vaccines are biologically prepared immunity solutions that enable a person’s body to resist the attack of certain diseases. The vaccines basically stimulate the immune system of the body when it comes in contact with the disease bacteria, and initiates the production of antibodies to fight it…
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Flu Vaccination- Benefits and Contra-indications
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Download file to see previous pages Active immunity allows the immune system to recognize infected bacteria or viruses as soon as the body comes in contact with them and triggers the production of anti-bodies to tackle them. Vaccination against diseases resists the spread of harmful illnesses in a society, contributing towards a healthy environment.
Influenza, more commonly known as Flu, is a respiratory illness that is contagious and is characterized by symptoms like fever, body ache, coughing, sneezing and cold. It can become an epidemic because of its viral nature and once initiated, it is imperative to contain the spread of this disease through proper medication and vaccination.
Flu vaccination is generally an annual vaccination program that encourages individuals to ensure protection from the attack of influenza through the year. Since influenza is of several types, it ensures protection against the most major kinds of this disease. It generally offers protection from two strains of type influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2) and one strain of type influenza B. This vaccine can be administered through vaccine injections called flu shots, or through inhalation. Flu vaccination is not mandatory but encouraged in many countries by their respective health ministries. It is more commonly given to young children, pregnant women, elderly, or individuals with health conditions that make them susceptive to such diseases. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Flu Vaccination- Benefits and Contra-Indications Research Paper.
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