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Pros of Vaccinations - Term Paper Example

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Pros of vaccinations Introduction Long before the discovery of vaccines, people around the globe had to terribly experience deadly diseases before they get immunity to them. The discomforts these diseases usually caused the people paved the way for the discovery of vaccines as the ultimate way to help the body fight various forms of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that plagued the humanity…
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Pros of Vaccinations

Download file to see previous pages... Antigens trigger the body to produce antibodies (Kirch, 2008). Thus, vaccination or also known as immunization is a way to strengthen the body’s defense or immune system against viruses and bacteria through the introduction of antigens into the person’s body (Kirch, 2008). In principle, vaccination works as a way to protect the body from being susceptible to deadly diseases caused by pathogens (e.x. bacteria and virus). Doctor Edward Jenner found that the body can produce antibodies once pathogens enter into it. He eventually discovered that killed bacteria or less infectious strain of a specific deadly virus can increase the immunity of the person from certain diseases that these pathogens may cause (Gardner, 1982). The story behind the discovery of vaccines dates back to its humble beginning in 1790s in a farm where cows were experiencing sores that later are called cowpox. When this disease infected the human being, it was known as smallpox. It was observed that people exposed to cowpox in the farm were most likely not to be infected with cowpox. This opened up the idea that the human body has the capacity to resist certain diseases once it is exposed to them even on active and deadly viruses (Gardner, 1982). To vaccinate or not Today, it is noted that hepatitis B is most likely to infect new born children and its impact is noted harmful that it may even lead to one major causes of infant mortality. However, due to vaccination of new born children within two days of birth, it is noted that the incidence of acute hepatitis B remarkably turned into downward spiral by around 98% since 1990, which is said to be due to vaccination (Jonas, 2010). In the United States, the incidence of acute hepatitis B is reported to decline and it is hugely attributed to vaccination (Hay et al., 2010). For some other reasons, parents may choose not to vaccinate their children. However, they have to ensure that their children’s body resistance to prevailing disease outbreak should be significantly higher or else their bodies can become easy targets of deadly strains of pathogens. As stated earlier, the human body has the ability to fight these pathogens by producing antibodies. However, this may not be the usual case especially with highly active bacteria or virus and most likely in times when a child’s body’s self defense does not have much resistance against these pathogens. In cases like this, parents may be overwhelmed by the adverse impacts of not having their children vaccinated prior to contracting a terrible disease that could have been prevented through vaccination. Some vaccines are expensive while others are mostly affordable. In some countries they are given free to the community as they are subsidized by the government. Common sense tells it that with vaccines parents are given a higher chance not to spend much in diseases that are costly. It is definitely noted that a higher cost is incurred in putting a child in hospital confinement due to treatment of certain diseases than having a shot or series of boosters of some vaccines. The flu virus strain is said to mutate or evolve over time. As a result, the number of deaths from flu is increasing even if flu shots continue (Mindell and Hopkins, 2003). Therefore, some people are taking their chances in the hope that flu shots may effectively work for them. This added to the level of their strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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