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Engineering ethics - Research Paper Example

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Genetic Engineering is branch of Biological Science that majorly deals with the restructuring and modification of animal or plant genetic design through the application of modern Bioengineering and Biotechnology. This process sometimes involves the isolation of genes from a…
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Engineering ethics paper
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Download file to see previous pages This specific branch of Genetic Engineering is called Transgenics (Frewer, 2013).
Even though Genetic Engineering has led to the emergence of very superb hybrid and chimeras species of animals and plants and, has also resulted to the discovery of vaccines for various diseases, it is still unethical scientific practice that has always violated the integrity and rights of many animals and the culture of man as well. Many people live in fear of this mysterious technology and a number of animals, both wild and domestic are at risk of being killed in the course of the several Genetic tests. In fact, much concern is on these victimized animals (Ormandy, 2011). Below are some of ethical issues.
To the religious world, the Transgenic practice of isolating genes and tissues from one animal and inserting them into another is very immoral and unacceptable act. Such acts are unnatural practices that seek to dismantle the creation design of God. For instance, the harvesting of genes from human tumor and implanting them into tobacco plant has ignited a bitter disagreement religious culture of man and Science (Brad, 2009).
During the transfer of genes and cells from an animal to human being, some zoonotic diseases (diseases that are found in both animals and human) may be carried along side. Such diseases include Nipah and Bovine, commonly known as the “mad cow disease”. These diseases are very lethal and can easily lead to sudden death of man if not diagnosed in good time (Conn, 2008).
The genetically modified food has posed health threats to lay society which do not clearly understand how such foods were quickly manufactured in laboratories. It is very evident that genetically modified foods can interfere with normal functioning of the human body and has a long term health effect. Some individuals have rapidly gained weight after eating highly processed and hybrid products.
Animal Welfare has been the main concern when it comes to ethical issues in Genetic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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