Global issues: Protecting the Environment - The Role of the International Community - Research Paper Example

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University Date The Role of the International Community In recent times, there have been major concerns over the rate of environmental degradation and how this affects the current existing ecosystems, as well as means through which the environment can be salvaged from the destructive nature of man’s activities…
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Global issues: Protecting the Environment - The Role of the International Community
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Download file to see previous pages Some of these issues to be discussed include genetic engineering, global warming, loss of diversity, population and planning among others, where there is major concern that this issues will come to haunt the world in time. In addition, the impact of these issues is assessed albeit narrowly, but with major focus on efforts to overcome them. Efforts, in this case, put a spotlight on how non-governmental organizations and the international community and what they have dome in order to eliminate tis problems or rather slow down their progress as some have progressed beyond control. As a result, the role non-governmental organizations and the international community cannot be sidelined as they both allow access to environmental information to all, where the international community is painted as the go between for non-governmental organizations and the rest of the world. It is following the above mentioned issues that the global environmental situation is discussed in relation to the presence of NGOs and the international community and what they have done, as well as what they can do in future to protect the environment. Genetic engineering is a common global environmental issue that faces the world over and acts both in an advantageous and disadvantageous aspect for all that are involved. This is involves those that know how genetic engineering affects the world and those that do not as the impact is both direct and indirect for all parties, which is what makes it a global issue. Because of this, genetic engineering is a global environmental issue in that they affect agricultural production on multiple levels as is seen in the case of livestock and crops. Consequently, globally, the world is facing the question of accepting these genetically modified organisms with safety concerns over consumption and use of their products. On matters relating to consumption and use, genetically modified organisms affect humans and other animals as well as plants as the environment comprises numerous aspects of which humans are a part, which is because they are part of human environment, while plants are part of vegetation. A deep look into the machinations of genetic engineering on the environment is the lack of genetic diversity following the large extent of use in mass production of highly specialized animals (“Environmental Issues”). This translates in the world having animals working the same humans and machines do by having animals created for wool production only. This is because of modifying the genetic make-up of animals to have increased production with low levels of input. Another issue still on global environmental problems lies with the ethics of the process of genetic engineering, which is obviously a hot topic for debate worldwide. This is especially with the inclusion of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society, which is of the view that this adversely affects the environment by cheating it in ways from which it may never recover. From an ethical perspective, the longevity of animal and plant life is affected by either extending it or shortening, an aspect that is not entirely beneficial for the environment. Due to genetic engineering, the world is facing a dilemma on whether to progress with these genetic projects or scrape them altogether following the possibility of destruction or cross breeding of plants ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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