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My Philosophy on Leadership Outline OM8920 - Essay Example

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A leadership philosophy is based on the approach we take as leaders and in leading others. It leads our actions, our conducts, and our thoughts. Leadership is, no doubt, a privilege as well as an honor, but at the same time it is a great responsibility.
When you are fully or partially immersed in the learning process of leading others the progressive gain or thrust in your cognition is equal to the number of times you take up the challenge and make it to the goal - success of your organization.
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My Philosophy on Leadership Outline OM8920
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"My Philosophy on Leadership Outline OM8920"

Download file to see previous pages A leader is effective if he/she listens well, effectively motivates and inspires, and supplies a team with solicitous vision and strategic direction. A leader is the one who leads by example and authorizes his followers. He profoundly understands the wants of the people whom he leads and unselfishly considers his activities and their impact on his followers.
I have implemented my leadership philosophy successfully by adopting the philosophy contained in Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey's Situational Leadership Model (2004). This two-dimensional practical approach leading teams and projects, presumes that different leadership styles are better in different situations, and that leaders must be flexible enough to adapt their style to the situation they are in. A good situational leader is one who can quickly change leadership styles as the situation changes. Most of us attempt to do this in our dealings with people: we try not to get angry with a new employee, and we remind forgetful people. The model doesn't apply only to people in leadership or management positions; all people lead others at work, at play, and at home. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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