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Provide an Ethical Argument against the Use of Dolphins in the US Navy for Military Purposes - Essay Example

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Provide an Ethical Argument against the Use of Dolphins in the US Navy for Military Purposes
Scientists were hoping Sea World's expert dolphin wranglers could catch several live diseased animals to permit more detailed studies, although quick answers aren't expected…
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Provide an Ethical Argument against the Use of Dolphins in the US Navy for Military Purposes
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Extract of sample "Provide an Ethical Argument against the Use of Dolphins in the US Navy for Military Purposes"

Download file to see previous pages Our villages are the most avidly practicing customary and traditional Subsistence users in the United States. The socioeconomic characterization of our region is similar to a Lesser Developed Country (LDC).

Before the Magnuson Act, our people stood on the shores of their seasonal food camps and watched international fleets fish off our coasts, destroying species and stocks in their wake and affecting our Subsistence needs. Most prevalent were the Japanese; whose economists dubbed our region, "The Fourth World," to describe the phenomena of third world standard of living conditions within a first world country.

Since the early 1970's, and prior to the MIAPA, AVCP subcontracted marine mammal studies and traditional knowledge reports through scientific and technical staff of Nunam. Kitlutsisti (Stewards of the Land). We joined in lobbying the UN and the U.S. and Russian governments to ban high seas driftnet fishing and succeeded. Nunam Kitlutsisti was eventually absorbed into the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) of AVCP. Since then, AVCP has been an actively participating in meetings with the Indigenous Peoples Council on Marine Mammals (IPCoMM), the Eskimo Walrus Commission (EWC), and the Alaska Beluga Whale Committee (ABWC).
For decades, AVCP has tried to improve the growing-pains of the assimilation process for Yup'ik Cup'ik immersion into Western economy standards, while maintaining an enduring Native culture. AVCP coordinates regional, social, educational, economic and land / resource management programs.
The DNR is extensively involved in programs with the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge (YDNWR), and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. On shared resource issues we work extensively with other Native regional groups along with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the California Department of Fish and Game. AVCP has been co-managing programs with YDNWR and the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in the following programs:
Western Alaska Brown Bear Management Area Agreement,
Qauilnguut (Kilbuck) Caribou Herd Management Plan,
Lower Yukon Moose Management Plan,
Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Goose Management Plan (Waterfowl Conservation Committee),
Imarpigmiut Ungungsiit Murilkestfit (IUM) (Watchers of the Sea Mammals),
Lower Kuskokwim Moose Management Plan,
Kuskokwim River Drainage Fisheries Association,
Kwethluk Counting Tower (Salmon spawning monitoring),
Lower Kuskokwim Moose Management Area.
Imarpigmiut Ungungsht Murilkestiit (IUM) (Watchers of the Sea Mammals) AVCP / IUM currently represents 26 coastal villages and voices concerns regarding marine mammal Subsistence and the health and viability of the Bering Sea. With the development of an Iced Seals Commission under our marine mammal program, we are fully prepared to involve all Iced Seals Subsistence user groups in the State of Alaska.
AVCP / IUM intends to develop the scientific, traditional and technical expertise we need to become full partners in cooperative management to the benefit of federal partners and for the conservation and Subsistence use ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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