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Positional Parameters (UNIX) - Article Example

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Positional Parameters (UNIX)
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Extract of sample "Positional Parameters (UNIX)"

OF PHOENIX ONLINE Introduction to Unix POS/420 r4 Walt Saiko POS 420 Introduction to UNIX of Phoenix Online Week 3 Individual Assignment
Date 20 September 2008
Problem Description:
Project 5.2 Page 198
The first exercise involved interaction with the user in the form of giving the user instructions to enter five parameters, the positional parameters are used here and the user is prompted to enter the correct number of arguments.
The first terminal window is my script, displayed by typing "cat Project5-2".
The second and third screen show two consecutive runs of the script, one with insufficient argument and another with correct arguments.
Project 6-2 (page 245)
This assignment illustrated the proper use of the "case" statement. The "case" statement allows a conditional expression to be evaluated based on pattern-matching. "Case" is similar to an if-then-else clause, except that a "case" statement uses fewer lines of code.
The first terminal window is my script, displayed by typing "cat Project6.2".
Next five screens show three consecutive runs of the script by passing various number of parameters.
(a) With 0 parameter
(b) 1 parameter
With 2 parameters
(d) With 3 parameters
(e) With unspecified parameters
The second exercise was a continuation of the first exercise in interacting with the user.
Similar to the first exercise, an instruction was given to the user. This time, however, the user was asked to input his or her name, as there were no items to pick from a list.
The name entered by the user was compared to my name, and an appropriate response was echoed to the user, depending on the results of the comparison.
The first terminal window is my script, displayed by typing "cat scriptname".
The second terminal windows is two consecutive runs of my script. The first run uses a random name, while the second run uses my name as input.
In each case, an appropriate output is displayed. Read More
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(Positional Parameters (UNIX) Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Positional Parameters (UNIX) Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Positional Parameters (UNIX) Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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