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Virtualization and Computers - Essay Example

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The topic for this paper is based on the understanding on how the virtualization of everything affects the modern process of computing as well as how it affects the lives of people in the human society. This involves the use of virtualization tools such as Microsoft virtual servers.
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Virtualization and Computers
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Extract of sample "Virtualization and Computers"

Download file to see previous pages The research process that shall be handled for this study is based on the different procedures used by the target audience to operate through the use of the virtualized e-systems that has now become a huge part of their lives.
Chandra, Ramesh (2004). Analysis of Media and Communication Trends. Gyan Books. This book gives an understanding as to how modern communication is highly affected by the modern procedures of media applications in the world of computing making the possibility of virtual communication applicable to the modern systems of human connection through the use of the Internet.
Donald, Stephanie H. & Balnaves, Mark & Donald, James (2001). The Penguin Atlas of Media and Information: Key Issues and Global Trends (Penguin Reference). Penguin Publishing Company. Discussing the different effects of the trend of virtualization in the modern generation is the main focus of this reading. Understandably, the author wants to make the readers understand how the situation of global virtualization through the use of the Internet affects them personally.
McChesney, Robert W.& Newman, Rusell & Scott, Ben (2005). The Future of Media: Resistance and Reform in the 21st Century. Seven Stories Press. As the procedures of computer usage improve annually, this book introduces the facts and the strategies of improvement that technology takes through time to address the needs of the advancing demands of the human society.
Richardson, Will (2006). Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms. Corwin Press. This reading aims to express explanations with regards the most common systems of communication that makes virtualization through the Internet possible at present. It could be noted that through this reading, a careful understanding of the matter could be given fine focus on the part of the readers.
Sahver, Mary Alice (2000). Trends in Media Management in the 21st Century: A Special Issue of the Journal of Media Economics (Journal of Media Economics). LEA, Inc. The media trends are noted by the author of this reading as a major understanding that is needed to be given attention by the present generation as they accept the virtualization of the modern systems of things
TASK 5: Primary Research Exhibit
Through the utilization of research procedures and direct observation, the needed information for this study is gathered. It could be observed that through this process, the researcher believes that the need of knowledge source is already suffice to answer the problem raised through this particular study.
TASK 6: Thesis Statement
The development of technology is inevitable, with the existence of internet, details on how has this technology and its virtualization actually affects the modern system of things is an essential factor to consider.
TASK 7: Research Paper Organization (OUTLINE)
1. Introduction
2. The impact of PODCASTING in Interpersonal Communication
a. The roots and Effectiveness of Podcasting
b. Podcasting and how it affects the Education Process
3. Blogging and E-Mails
a. Blogging Benefits
4. Media Procedures and Mediums in Human Communication
5. Conclusion
TASK 8: Research Paper
A Focus on the Discussion of the Facts Behind the Application of the Linux Virtual Server
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