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Islam communities - Essay Example

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Islam's original meaning is the acceptance of a view or a condition which previously was not accepted. In the language of the Holy Qur'an, Islam means the readiness of a person to take orders from God and to follow them. Islam was founded by Muhammed in the early 17th century…
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Islam communities
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Extract of sample "Islam communities"

Download file to see previous pages Though his message was initially rejected, by the year 630 he had succeeded in gaining control of Mecca, the economic and religious center of the Arabian Peninsula. Muhammed died after two years, this does not stop the Islam religion to spread rapidly. In 750 A.D. Islam spread out in Spain, India, Asia, and Africa. Some of the well known philosophers and mathematician were believed to be Muslim. In the time of the golden era Christianity and Islam clashed, as a result of the so called science of debate or Kalam.
Kalam (literally the science of debate) denotes a discipline of Islamic thought which is referred to as "theology" or as "scholastic theology." This discipline involves the political and the religious controversies that engulfed the Islam community in its formative years, it deals with interpretations of religious doctrine and the defence of the interpretations by means of discursive arguments. The introduction of Kalam came to be associated with the Mu'tazilla, a nationalist school that emerged at the beginning of the 2nd century ah and the rose to prominence in the following century. Rationalism was discreted because of the failure of the Mutazilla, leading to a resurgence of traditionalism and later to the emergence of the Ashariyya School. The Asharite School gained acceptability within mainstream (Sunni) Islam.
The Sunni comprises the 90% of all the Muslims, their name derived from the fact that they look both to the Koran and to the sunna in establishing proper Muslim conduct. The "sunna" is the behavior or example of Muhammed and of the early Muslim community.
Another group arises in the Islam community is the Shiites. It comprises 10% of the Muslim community and usually lives in Iran and Iraq. The word Shi'ite means partisan and they are referred as the partisan of Ali. Ali is the son in law and cousin of Muhammed and one of the early Caliphs or successors to Muhammed as leader of the Muslim people. They believe that the leader of Islam should be among the descendants of Ali. The last of these divinely appointed leaders, or "imams" most Shi'ites believes to be in "hiding" in another realm of existence. The Ayatollah Khomeini was believed to have been a spokesman for this "hidden imam."
The third group of Islam are the Suffis who seek a mystical experience of God, rather than a merely intellectual knowledge of Him, and who also are given to a number of superstitious practices.
Beliefs of Islam
To Islam there is no God but Allah. The early Islamic Arabs were polytheists. Muhammed is the instrument leading the Muslims to devote themselves solely to the chief God whom they called Allah which means God. They believe that Allah has a magical power and to worship others is considered blasphemy. The Islam religion also believes in angels and jinn. Jinn are spirits being capable of good and evil actions and of possessing human beings. The Muslims believed that they are being accompanied by jinn and angels one on the right to record good deeds and the jinn on the left to record the evil deeds. Muslims has great belief to their God's holy book called Koran. Chief among these are the Law given to Moses, the Psalms given to David, the Gospel (or Injil) given to Jesus, and the Koran given to Muhammed. According to Muhammed the Christian scriptures has been tampered and the real bible is the Koran.
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Islam Communities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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