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Another set of researchers believes that Islam was brought to Asia from the Arabian territories in the Middle East. There is also another group that believes that the Chinese, who…
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Word history to 1400
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The impact of Islam on south Asian society Researchers argue that Islam was introduced in the south Asian by trade contact with Indians. Another set of researchers believes that Islam was brought to Asia from the Arabian territories in the Middle East. There is also another group that believes that the Chinese, who carried trade activities in the south Asia, introduced Islam in the societies (Felipe 420). One of the greatest aspects of Islamization is the process of converting people from one religion to follow the Muslim religions.
During the time, many cultures were assimilated to the Muslim ways of living and worshiping. At the time Islam was introduced into the south Asian communities they had different ways of worshiping. Additionally, they had different sets of beliefs. They initially believed in the power of the invisible spirit. The spirit belonged to the people’s ancestors and nature. Both the spirits had their own ways in which they helped the living by influencing their fortunes on earth (Felipe 422).
On the introduction of Islam, all the beliefs and the ways of the natives were assimilated to the ways of Muslims (Felipe 428). Even so, at the time of the start, the rulers and their followers were not so strict about following the ways stipulated under the Muslim religion. Islam influence was present but not categorically strong as observed in the current world. For instance, not all people bought the idea of renouncing eating pork and not all people in the community engaged in the five times prayers as stipulated by the Islam religion within a day (Felipe 431).
One great achievement in terms of influence is the fact that the Islamic religion strived to achieve an Islamic society in the south Asian communities. The people who introduced the religion made sure that they created an influence in the nature of belief that people had (Xinru 84). They introduced Allah as the God of Islam and made sure that the people of south Asian community worshiped him. People adopted the expectations of Allah, and most of them set these expectations to guide them in their daily lives. The south Asian communities developed a code that binds them with Allah as their creator (Xinru 86).
For instance, men in the south Asian community adopted the Islamic inheritance code that stipulated that they should inherit `twice as much as women (Xinru 87). They were also supposed to support their wives, daughters, and sisters. The people of south Asian communities adopted the polygamous ways of life as Islam had allowed it. The people of south Asian communities adopted the code that stipulated that it was a sin to make symbolic representations of God (Allah). They adopted the Islamic architecture in their temples and other buildings as major religious contributions.
The people of south Islam communities and the leadership unions in these regions adapted to the Muslim manners of writing (Xinru 88). The leaders started balancing their patronage of Islam with international traders. There emerged the creation of urban mosques. On the same note, a basic adherence of Muslim religious laws became enhanced. Before the introduction of Islamic religion, people did not travel much because they believed that their own spirits could only get appeased at home. But after they were assimilated to the Muslim ways of life, they began to travel and engage in deep trade activities.
There is no difference in the manner the Islamic impacts affected south Asia and Africa. Consequently, the manner in which things were done and adopted in Asia took shape in Africa too (Xinru 96). People in Africa began to worship Allah as their creator and following all Muslim laws entirely, the same way the Asians deed. The only difference is the geographical spread of Islam in Africa. Some places were greatly assimilated to Islam while some parts got affected by the impacts of Islamic religion (Xinru 97).
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Xinru Liu, The Silk Road in World History. Oxford University Press, 2010, ISBN: 987-0-19- 533810-2. Read More
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