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Interpersonal attraction - Essay Example

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Interpersonal attraction is the psycho-emotional reaction of an individuals feeling regarding the wholeness of another person or persons. Evaluation is indicated in one's view of another individual. As a social being, human needs intimacy and affection from others…
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Interpersonal attraction
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Extract of sample "Interpersonal attraction"

Topic: Interpersonal Attraction Attraction is not a choice - it is a reaction. Interpersonal attraction is the psycho-emotional reaction of an individuals feeling regarding the wholeness of another person or persons. Evaluation is indicated in one's view of another individual. As a social being, human needs intimacy and affection from others. As proximity influences interpersonal attraction, the will to get closer to an individual is in need. The result might be friendship or else love is now involved. But then for instance a woman met a guy for a very first time, her tendency upon meeting him is to look at its physical appearance and then his positive outlook, together with his good values and attitudes.
People whom we are close with and love yet not passionately are meant to be our friends while we became lovers when we come to show and the feeling for passion with the opposite sex, since both of the two people are similar they do have the same feeling and they can commit to love each other but then we cannot be a lover of others when we are committed with this said our love one. Because of Similarity and physical attraction we've coming into socializing with others. Similarity is much happening between friends, like for example they are similar on what they do, like they have the same taste when it comes to dressings and interiors, you both like basketball rather than volleyball, and more.
Similarity between others you is widely spread out to all friendships, that's the reason why your friends because you both can understand each other. When it comes to a deeper feeling of affection to the opposite sex will mean of a passionate love.
Companionate love is what we felt for our friends as our company ion. We don't give special feelings for them like what we give to a person which we like most, not just a friend but more than a friend. Companionate love is different to passionate love. As we felt for friends, neighbor, playmates, teachers, classmates we are just showing our companionship with them, we like them and love them for they have resemblances of our said similes. While this love pertaining to a passion and intimacy is a sacred one and complicated due to its depth ness. When an individual get involve to a passionate relation to an opposite sex it would be a very sensitive thing for he have committed his self to this somebody and swore him to stay with this person.
Love between them should not be break up. While the relationship of this person is still connected with others who are same with his personality booth likes and dislikes, similes, are still bonded by the companionate love. As we go on our lives in our ethics we've been taught of love between others just that we are not committed to others but with this persons and person at a certain time as you are connected by the love you fill for them This love are in different levels and each one of us had been in the companion level and / or in the passionate level already for we are a social being we do have our others to love us, us they also accept us for what we are and this love is indicated in the Love and Affection Level in Hierarchy of Human Needs of Abraham Maslows. This stage is when completed will mean an another stage for a development of an individual as he became a self-actualized person, in short a way to be a much better person.
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Interpersonal Attraction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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