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Dominican Republic - Essay Example

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The people of the Dominican Republic are divided on the basis of their origin, the elite ones are usually from the European background and the poor people descended from the African background. The culture of the country has a mix of African and the European flavor…
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Dominican Republic
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Extract of sample "Dominican Republic"

Download file to see previous pages Many local people, knowing there destiny fled fearing the Europeans and later on formed there own colonies, called the Maroon colonies. The colonizers brought in another change, they imported the black people and slavery was one of the most predominant features at that time. But all this changed because of the Haitian Liberation, this made sure that slavery was completely abolished from the country, as a result of which, the blacks having no where to go settled on in the country. This is the history of the country, which saw many a change taking place.
The people of Dominican Republic are masters when it comes to indirect communication, they firmly believe in maintaining a good relationship with as many people as they possibly can. The people of the Dominican Republic consider themselves to be more Latin American than Caribbean. The situation of the country as of now is quite bad; the people are struggling to fight against the corrupt people, who are currently in power. Spanish is spoken in the country and the people are very proud of the purity of Spanish they speak in the country. The flag of the country is designed in such a manner that it shows national pride and patriotism. The flag consists of the colors red and blue which indicate the blood of the people who gave up their lives and liberty respectively. The Dominican coat of arms can be found in the centre of the flag. "A recent national symbol, constructed in 1992, is the Columbus Lighthouse. It was a work project conceived of by President Joaqun Balaguer when he was 85 years old and blind. It is an enormous cross, flat on the ground, facing the sky and bursting with lights, and was built as a tourist attraction." (Every Culture, 14 August, 2008). The light house is in an area where there is utter poverty; people live in despair, without any electricity and without many more basic necessities. The light house is a very big attraction and can even be seen burning brightly from Puerto Rico.
The native people are called the Tianos; Columbus was well greeted when he first arrived in the country. These Tianos were peace loving people and lived in the tropical forest. These Tianos lives in make shift homes and many families lived under the same roof. The villages were further subdivided into districts, each district had a chief, who took care if that particular district. During this time there was no slavery in the country and it was free from all other evils too. The Tianos were very good at growing crops, specially the root crops. They also dug and used it as ornaments. Columbus kept a close eye on the gold digging skills of the Tianos and thought that he had a good chance of paying his debts to the king and queen of Spain. The culture of the Tianos is not very clearly presented because nearly all the Tianos died after three decades of Columbus's visit to the country. Columbus is known the world over for his navigating skills but he failed in dominating these Tainos, instead of farming he made them dig in pursuit of gold. The natives died, as there were torturous condition, food was not available in plenty and the population decreased. The country also saw the invasion of the United States of America from 1916 to 1924. The dominance of the United States brought many changes, for instance during the rule many new classes of land owners emerged and the country also sa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dominican Republic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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