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Food journal analysis - Essay Example

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There goes an old adage that states that "Health is Wealth". I have never really appreciated these three words until now. Just like decisions in business, academics or love, our health needs as much attention as these matters of life. Why It is simply because it is our body which we use and taking care of it is like gaining a fortune…
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Food journal analysis

Download file to see previous pages... Pepsi and Coca Cola are constantly at war with each other, fighting to gain market share and market value. Why It involves large amounts of money because almost everybody loves the taste of a carbonated drink. Thus, we see commercials with many "big" personalities sponsoring the softdrinks. However, from this course I have learned that the seemingly harmless habit of drinking a soda (2 servings of 12 oz for my case) can actually have large effects on a person's health. The "soft" in soft drinks is actually a misnomer, probably a marketing campaign to make the product more appealing. Yet the hard fact is that it gives the body tremendous amounts of calories and an aching kidney in the long run. Lasagna, the commercially available one, is fat to a large proportion. Burgers too are largely fat. Combine burgers, soda and add in fries as well and you've got McDonald's. All those accusations about how unhealthy the food store is actually based on hard evidence. On the more positive light, those tiny beans and grains actually are large sources of carbohydrates, protein and fiber. They are actually better sources of protein than meat. Remember Popeye Those spinach that he ate are actually good sources of vitamin and it can make somebody really able but not as exaggerated as what happens to the cartoon character. In a word, big things come in small packages and we must be aware enough to discern them.

Many articles have been written on how obese people are getting. These people blame the food that they eat and some would actually whine on how they have been driven to obesity by the media hype and marketing of products without telling them its effects. The fact, however, is that they live a sedentary lifestyle. Much of the population is averse to exercise and they don't exert effort to at least know the ingredients and its corresponding calorie content. In the same way as making money and gaining somebody's trust and love requires effort, being healthy begins with a conscientious assessment of our daily activities. Changing lifestyles is a tedious process. There are some who tried staying away from unhealthy food but in the end, they reward their efforts with large servings of their former food making the process ineffective. Some of them ended up more addicted than ever. It all begins with learning tocare for the body, for ourselves. We must have the resolve to stick to our decisions as all struggles are fraught with difficulties.

Right Frame of Mind
Many people have a negative outlook in life. They claim that health is a luxury they can't afford. Though it is indeed a likeable idea, it is a romantic one realized only by those who can afford. However, taking a stroll or jogging is free for everyone as much as choosing between soda and lemon juice. Health is achievable if only we have the right frame of mind. Those people we perceived as healthy actually started somewhere and it is about time that we do the same. What it takes is not a leap of faith. Nutrition is becoming an increasingly exact science. Every people have the opportunity to be healthy.

Weight Management and Plan of Action

My calorie uptake for March 11 was 2680 kcals and 3066 kcals for March 18. This is above the recommended nutrient uptake of 1903 kcals. That translates to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluative Report
The paper incorporates eight sections such as Introduction, Essay Structure, Paragraph Structure, Linking/Connecting Ideas and Information, Integrating Evidence, Referencing, Conclusions/Recommendations, and List of References. The third section includes the following subsections: Essay Introduction Analysis, Essay Body Analysis, and Essay Conclusion Analysis.
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Food journal analysis
Another alternative would be to eat the two servings of beans and cheese but to cut down the portion sizes, which would then cut down on my total protein grams for the day. The foods in my daily intake that provide protein are cheese, beans, and yogurt.
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Food journal analysis week 1
Upon analyzing the statistics and data that were provided, those foods which I consume more does have a lot of calories and the intake that I have consumed is more than the prescribed amount of prescribed daily intake that a person must consume. The example of this is two servings of 12oz coke soda.
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Most of what I ate was healthy food or food which isnt fattening or full of cholesterol. This includes 1 herbal tea, 6 biscuits made of full wheat, 2 slices of bread, 2 pieces of fish, 1 lettuce salad with assorted vegetables, 1 apple, 1 cup of grapes
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