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Explore the main reasons for political behavior in organizations - Essay Example

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32% of managers believe it simply isn't possible to use office politics constructively because human nature is so appallingly selfish that people will always guard their turf and abuse their role power" Roffey Park, 2006
This quote accurately summarizes the main reasons for political behaviour in organizations…
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Explore the main reasons for political behavior in organizations
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Extract of sample "Explore the main reasons for political behavior in organizations"

Download file to see previous pages Imbalance between personal ambition of employees and interest of the organization.
A sense of competition among employees whereby one employee tends to create a better impression on the management and presents are dark image of the others
Is politics necessarily a negative force
Politics play a central role in all organizations, but questions are now increasingly being raised on its effects on an organization.
It is a common practice to paint organizational politics in black but a growing body of evidence suggests that managing it can have extremely powerful positive effects (Butcher and Clarke 2006)
There are several real time examples where politics has proved to be helpful for the organization
A recent report asserts that 58% managers say 'they have experienced the constructive use of office politicc and 61% say they have personally engaged in political behaviour which resulted in a positive outcome for their organisation'. (Park R. The Power of Constructive Politics)
Butcher D and Clarke M Using Politics in Organisations ,Smart Management
Coady, C "Politics and the Problem of Dirty Hands," in A Companion to Ethics, ed. P. Singer (Oxford: Blackwell, 1991), p. 373. For references to the extensive literature see Coady's article and M. Stocker, Plural and Conflicting Values (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1990) pp. 9-10.
Hoch C What planners do : power, politics, and persuasion
Chicago, Ill. : Planners Press : American Planning Association, 1994.
"32% of managers believe it simply isn't possible to use office politics constructively because human nature is so appallingly selfish that people will always guard their...
The sources of power (people at higher position referred to as legitimate power, groups in position to help, people in position to punish and reward referred to as coercive and reward power respectively)
A recent report asserts that 58% managers say 'they have experienced the constructive use of office politicc and 61% say they have personally engaged in political behaviour which resulted in a positive outcome for their organisation'. (Park R. The Power of Constructive Politics)
Coady, C "Politics and the Problem of Dirty Hands," in A Companion to Ethics, ed. P. Singer (Oxford: Blackwell, 1991), p. 373. For references to the extensive literature see Coady's article and M. Stocker, Plural and Conflicting Values (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1990) pp. 9-10.
"32% of managers believe it simply isn't possible to use office politics constructively because human nature is so appallingly selfish that people will always guard their turf and abuse their role power" Roffey Park, 2006
Politics at the organizational level is similar but not the same as world or national politics. The former is best defined as the use of power and influence to gain personal ends. In some cases this is done with a complete disregard for the employer or the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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