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Describe a SPECIFIC room - Essay Example

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I would like to describe my classroom. It is very spacious with full length windows overlooking the college garden. The view is scenic and keeps students highly active and engrossed. It is not a distraction and actually improves the mood of the class. The sitting arrangement is such that all chairs with one combined desk occupy each row…
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Describe a SPECIFIC room
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Extract of sample "Describe a SPECIFIC room"

The room- I would like to describe my room. It is very spacious with full length windows overlooking the college garden. The view is scenic and keeps students highly active and engrossed. It is not a distraction and actually improves the mood of the class. The sitting arrangement is such that all chairs with one combined desk occupy each row. Each row has one desk but multiple chairs that are movable and not fixed. The wall in front has a white board and all a pull-down projector sheet. Teachers often make use of the projector and thus it is a mandatory item in each classroom. The classroom has split air conditioners that keep the class fresh in summers. There is multimedia equipment also present in the room and is put at the top, close to the ceiling, because it is a very expensive item and can get damaged.
There are about 6 rows and each row has six chairs. Thus the class can accommodate more than 30 students. The desks are also movable but are vey heavy to actually be moved around. There is a computer lying in one corner on which multimedia slides are run. The door is on the right top corner of the room and is big enough to let 3 people pass at a time. The windows are full length both on the right and the left. The right ones overlook the garden, while the left ones open in the hallway.
Lighting is considered an important component of good classroom design and attention has been paid to this. There is adequate artificial lighting that complements natural light coming from big windows. The classroom is roomy, adequately illuminated and clean. Interestingly there is only one door for such a big classroom. This must be because of the architecture and also because a back door can make it easier for students to sneak out.
There is rostrum where teachers make their lectures but no teacher stands still behind the rostrum. They keep moving around and pacing the room to make the class more interested in the subject. There is no fixed place for each student and anyone can occupy any seat. It has often been said that backbenchers find it difficult to hear the lecture. Teachers are not always very audible. However there is the facility of microphone but its not available without prior request.
There is a small cupboard in left corner of the room where all some important stuff is kept. There is also a shelf carved inside the wall where students sometimes place their backpacks. The furniture and the shelf are all wooden. Chairs in some classrooms are solid plastic as well. The teachers interestingly do not sit on a chair though there is one available for them. However they need to keep an eye on the class and this is not possible if they sit down. The room is not flat floored though. It has steps and chairs are place on those steps but still while students may find it easier to see the teachers, the reverse may not be true if the teacher is sitting down.
The walls are cream in color. And they are adequately high. The cream color gives the room a more spacious look and provides better lighting. Read More
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