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Drama Wit - Essay Example

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Modern medicine is like bless to human life. It helps living being to get rid of their physical problems. Medicines help to cure dieses, But some time it throw away charm of the life. …
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Drama Wit
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Extract of sample "Drama Wit"

Download file to see previous pages This play demonstrates every angle of this treatment.

"Wit" is excellent demonstration of physical and mental situation of patient, Prof Vivian, going through very aggressive treatment. It last eight months, and during the whole course she comes across hospital staff that approached her with different attitudes. DR. Jason, former student of Prof Vivian and a clinical fellow, was very intelligent and hard working. He respects Vivian most, which is visible from conversation between Jason and Susie, but at the same time very serious about his fellowship and research. When Susie asks for lowering Vivian's dose, he refuses and sticks to full dose, for research purpose. Susie, the nurse, is very soft hearted and caring. She love Vivian and wants to help Vivian in all the way her need. She cares for her and do not like to see her in pain. It is visible from scene when she asks Jason to lessen dose for Vivian because of her physical situation. She is always there when Vivian need somebody to talk. This is understood from the conversation between Susie and Vivian after whole course is over. Dr Kelekian, Vivian's doctor, is a good person. He wishes to cure her, at the same time he consider her a research. He is very strict with profession and do not allow involvement of emotions. Vivian was more a research than a patient for both Kelekian and Jason. They both insist for full dose in spite of Vivian’s bad physical condition. At the end also, although Jason knows about Vivian’s DNR status, he call code because he want her to stay alive for his research. All these conversations and actions show that overall Vivian is treated with respect and caring, but at the same time she is an object for research....
All these conversations and actions show that overall Vivian is treated with respect and caring, but at the same time she is an object for research. Through all course of action, audience is encouraged to react sympathetically towards Vivian.
This was about other characters of drama. Now talk about centre charter of play, Vivian. She is a very intelligent and tough lady. She survives through 8 months long strong treatment, which no one expected. She is very strict with her profession as well, and that is why she understands Dr. Kelekian's strictness of treatment. She understands importance of research and supports all the requirements. There are many scenes in drams where her toughness is clearly visible, but at last, after all suffering, she also gives up the hope of living. She decides to become "DNR".
This play is not just about Vivian, but all the patients going through very painstaking treatments. Many times treatments give positive results, but there are some times when the treatment fails. If treatment success, every thing is fine and patient gets back to the normal life, but when treatment fails, situation of last days is very important. A person always wish to live his last days on earth with great pleasure. There can not be bad thing than spending days in hospital with hope of cure. Hope is good, only when it comes true, but spending days in a hope, when it is impossible to happen, is worse. Situation of Vivian is similar; she is spending her last days in hospital. In her last days, she is undergoing aggressive treatment, taking medicines, injections and giving exams. Is it the thing that we should offer to a person who is about to die Her cancer was at last stage, and was clearly incurable. When doctors knew it, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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