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Language and its use in creating and maintaining authority, and how it relates to different types of knowledge, is another pertinent…
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A Reflection on Margaret Edson’s Wit Margaret Edson’s play Wit invites dis on various aspects of knowledge such as meaning, types, and values the society places on each type. Language and its use in creating and maintaining authority, and how it relates to different types of knowledge, is another pertinent question the play addresses.
Knowledge, as depicted from the play, is any learning experience that allows an individual to make meaning out of the world, therefore, gain power. Vivian, Dr. Kelekian and Dr Jason were absorbed in their quest to gain knowledge at the expense of mercy and humanitarianism evidenced by Jason’s yells, “She’s research!” (82).
Two major types of knowledge emerge in this play. Academic knowledge represented by Vivian, Dr. Kelekian and Dr. Jason gained through proper university education whose actions displays academic elitism between teacher-student and doctor-patient. Humanitarian knowledge gained through interaction. Vivian gained it after interacting with Susie when this nurse was always available during the time when in pain and lonely (69).
Academic knowledge bestow on the bearers power and high regard in the society as demonstrated by Vivian’s feeling of helplessness at the hospital compared to the power she wielded over her students at the University. “Once I did the teaching, now am taught” (37). On the other hand, other forms of knowledge are poorly regarded as Jason asserts this regarding his take on bedside manners as “colossal waste of time for researchers” (55).
The two types of knowledge are related since they complement each other. Vivian realized the significance of human contact when under lots of pain and alone appreciated the role Susie played during this moment. Acquisition of knowledge should not be at the expense of humanity.
Edson, Margaret. (1993). Wit: A Play. New York: Faber. Read More
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