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'Wit' by Edison, M. (Dramatics Play Service) Isbn:978-0-8222-1704-6 - Book Report/Review Example

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‘Wit’ is a remarkable drama by Margret Edson that has won big drama awards in the recent past. In this drama, it is evident that death is real and an…
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Wit by Edison, M. (Dramatics Play Service) Isbn:978-0-8222-1704-6
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Extract of sample "'Wit' by Edison, M. (Dramatics Play Service) Isbn:978-0-8222-1704-6"

Download file to see previous pages Our acts can therefore make our lives good or bad.
The kind of relationships we have with other individuals depicts how well we live and associate with the rest in our day to day life. Associating well with others is more satisfying than even what we as individuals can achieve academically or materially. The kind of interactions we have with other fellow humans therefore tend to be more important than our achievements in life because they last longer than our material achievements and even after death others may still remember your good deeds for a longer period of time than what you achieved materially. Good acts and good deeds touch not only the mind of other people but also their hearts. Life does come to an end but our good acts forever remains intact. Edson play is not about the doctors and the cancer but rather an uplifting lesson to the life of mankind on how to live even though we all know that we will die in the end (Klaver, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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