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Thomas Edison - Essay Example

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This essay "Thomas Edison" deals with the personality of Thomas Alva Edison. As the author puts it, Thomas Edison, a name that almost every person has heard at least once in his lifetime and this name is mostly associated with the invention of the light bulb…
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Thomas Edison
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Download file to see previous pages Edison started schooling, however, he was not a good student at all. In fact, his teachers complained about his slow learning. Edison’s mother was so upset that she decided to teach Edison at home and hence that was the end of Edison’s school life. However, Edison was a very inquisitive child who wanted to know almost everything. His young mind was always full of awe, fascination, and questions. His mother taught him to quench his own thirst for knowledge with the help of books and Edison followed her advice and started reading voraciously to seek answers to his questions. It was at this early age that he set up his lab and started experimenting by referring to books that he read (Edison Papers). In fact, this period of Edison’s life has a great deal to offer. Today, we rely so much on school and educational institutions to become educated however Edison through his life shows us that what schools give us is nothing but a “degree” or a “report card” but schools are not the measure of what our minds are capable of. In spite of being exempted from formal education, Edison was determined to learn and understand. Simply attending school or giving exams cannot make us intelligent, they are nothing but mere supports.If an individual is determined to learn and seek knowledge and succeed in life, he need not depend on degrees and exams to make him eligible to do so. Determination and passion are enough for success.
Edison’s life had not been a smooth run at all, especially during his growing years. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Thomas Edison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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