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The paper “Invention of the Phonograph” looks at photographs, which are also known as the gramophone or just record player and were used during the early 1980s mainly to listen to different sounds that had already been recorded. The major feature of the phonographs was the wavy lines…
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Invention of the Phonograph
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Download file to see previous pages The idea of the phonograph was first seen in the year 1857 when the scholar (Noll, 12). Edouard-Leon Scott who invented the phonautograph. However, it is important to note that this technology was very limited during this time and hence was not exploited appropriately. It is important to note that this product could only create visual images of sound (Noll, 12). It is therefore important to note that the idea of phonographs originated as early as a century but was not exploited due to limitations in the technology until the year 1877.
The principle of recording and reproducing sound using this technology was however first demonstrated in the year 1877 by Edison Thomas (Bellies). It is at this time that the scholar demonstrated the first phonograph in the world. The first invention that was developed by Edison was done while he was experimenting while working with a telegraph transmitter. During the time Edison was looking at the telegraphs with the intention of improving its efficiency, he realized that there was. He was interested in the noise that the tape produced since the tape produced some noise that resembles that of a spoken word. He, therefore, argued that in case he played it at a little bit high speed it may produce even higher and better sounds (Bellies). Through the several experiments that he conducted, he realized that it was possible to read as well as record sounds using the telephone diaphragm and hence he unleashed what had been difficult for many scientists to understand for over very long time.
Since this was the first instrument that could capture and record the sounds during this time, Edison actually became an international figure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Invention of the Phonograph Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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