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Dell Inspiron 700m - Essay Example

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The past-faced lifestyle in the world makes mobile computing gadgets like laptop a necessity. The paper notebooks where we jot down our thoughts and notes are now being replaced by high tech notebooks which are more than just repository of our ideas but enable us to store data, play movies and music, socialize with other people around the globe, and do research works…
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Dell Inspiron 700m
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Extract of sample "Dell Inspiron 700m"

11 April 2008 Dell Inspiron 700m: A Review The past-faced lifestyle in the world makes mobile computinggadgets like laptop a necessity. The paper notebooks where we jot down our thoughts and notes are now being replaced by high tech notebooks which are more than just repository of our ideas but enable us to store data, play movies and music, socialize with other people around the globe, and do research works. In order to suit our individual needs, different models of laptops abound which takes into account customers' differences. For a typical student, battery life, storage capacity, processor speed, affordability, and internet capability are the most important features. Dell Inspiron 700m is one of the most popular laptops in the market today which is used by students. When its features are compared with the needs of students, it can be deduced that Dell Inspiron 700m's popularity among this circle is justified.
The Dell Inspiron 700m is released in the market during 2004. Recognizing the fast obsolescence of computer equipments in the information technology industry, it is notable how this model retains its popularity amidst the proliferation of more advanced varieties in the market. It is reported that students and other low end markets keep the demand high for Dell Inspiron 700m. Compared with other notebooks, this model is sold at an affordable price of $489 and is available in stylish black, silver, and white designs. The competitive pricing makes it very attractive to students who are often with a limited budget.
The model is also dependable in terms of functionality. Being bundled with a Pentium 4 processor, it makes computing really convenient. Dell Inspiron 700, also features a 512mb of RAM and 60 gig hard drive which is huge enough for a typical student for saving programs and other files. The notebook also has wireless capability that enable sthe user to connect to the internet. An added bonus is the fact that it is lightweight and can be brought almost anywhere from the classroom to the library to the cafeteria.
However, as with any product, Dell Inspiron 700m also has its set of weaknesses. For one, its lightweight is offset by the fact that it has an undersized keyboard which makes typing a little hard and slow. Also, charging will also be a hassle because of the relatively short battery life of 2.5 hours. A student needs to charge ever so often in order to ensure that the notebook is available for the whole day class schedule.
In general, the Dell Inspiron 700m satisfies the need of the modern student who requires a mobile computing device that enables him to create and save files, take notes, and perform research. This model is low-priced, has a high speed processor, internet ready, and huge storage system which are the primary considerations when choosing a notebook. However, it should also be noted that a student should purchase a battery which can run for five hours or more in order to make sure that the notebook is available for his all day needs.
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Dell Inspiron 700m Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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