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Loopstick antennas - Essay Example

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Loopstick antenna can be describes as a reduce types of the loop antenna with the loop wound on the rod. The antenna is large simply so that one can collect more energy. This antenna consists of one or several complete turns of conductor which allow it to function by virtue of the circulatory current therein…
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Loopstick antennas
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Extract of sample "Loopstick antennas"

Loopstick Antennas Loopstick antenna can be describes as a reduce types of the loop antenna with the loop wound on the rod. The antenna is large simply so that one can collect more energy. This antenna consists of one or several complete turns of conductor which allow it to function by virtue of the circulatory current therein. (Carr 2001). This antenna has a sharp null and a radiation pattern. In such antennas, design must be no more than about 0.1 wavelengths long. Large loopstick antenna has the following design:
The advantage of this construction is that it allow two types of design to be used:: with a single turn and with a multi-turn loop. In a loopstick antenna there is no spurious effect resulting from the capacitance of the loop to ground. The loopstick antenna is used in domestic appliances such as portable radios, FM receiver and RFID. The main problem with Multi-turn design is that the looses are high and that during warm seasons the temperature can increase (Karaus and Marhefka 2001). The other advantage is its small size and directivity. In addition, the radiated power can be aimed at the required path. "In general, loops and loopsticks are used for mobile and portable operation, while phased arrays are used for fixed-station operation" (Straw 2000, p. 228).
The disadvantage of this antenna is design. Most of the antennas have low radiation resistance which resulted in high levels of current flowing. In order to resistance of such antennas, manufacturers use hard materials such as a tubular conductor or think rod. Disadvantage is high Q. This creates additional difficulties for its practical application and domestic usage (Karaus and Marhefka 2001).
Loopstick Antenna
: 7.5" rod
2.5" rod
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edition. Read More
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Loopstick Antennas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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