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Not all security experts agree about the value of biometrics. Using the Internet research the topic of biometrics. What are its advantages and disadvantages Wh - Math Problem Example

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Not all security experts agree about the value of biometrics. Using the Internet research the topic of biometrics. What are its advantages and disadvantages Wh
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Extract of sample "Not all security experts agree about the value of biometrics. Using the Internet research the topic of biometrics. What are its advantages and disadvantages Wh"

List of Web resources to support Biomedics project A fully comprehensive large list of many written resources relating to Biometrics. Biometric Security Bibliography
Interesting article with other links focusing on the chair an advisory committee to the U.S. government providing a comprehensive assessment of biometrics and the role of government in its development.
An explanatory website that describes the definitions and listing many further links and resources on the subject. Source of information largely derived from Clarkson University
Article entitled - US Biometrics Corporation to Conduct The First In Its Series of Biometrics Education Seminars to Universities and Colleges Across The United States
Article entitled - Biometric Security Experts Not Convinced By Jacqui Smith Speech Today.
Review and extracts on the book
Introduction to Biometrics and Network Security, Paul Reid, 2004, Prentice Hall,
Paul Reid
Article on Biometrics industry needs to educate the public to stop to ill-informed speculation on biometric technology
Website for The National Biometric Security Project (NBSP)
UK National Government site dedicated to Biometrics and Security
Very useful and lengthy article - Biometric Technologies: Security, Legal, and Policy Implications
Article by the Design Council (UK) about the design implications for incorporating Biometrics.Biometric security Designing Out Crime Case Study
Biometric Security Concerns. A published document by the UK Government Biometrics group.
Research Paper - Physical Security: A Biometric Approach
A critical analysis of various biometric techniques and products, provide advantages and disadvantages of these techniques
Biometric resources and general useful information/reference site. Read More
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Not All Security Experts Agree about the Value of Biometrics. Using Math Problem.
“Not All Security Experts Agree about the Value of Biometrics. Using Math Problem”, n.d.
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CHECK THESE SAMPLES OF Not all security experts agree about the value of biometrics. Using the Internet research the topic of biometrics. What are its advantages and disadvantages Wh

Computer Security and Biometrics

... of the of the 8 February Computer Security and Biometrics This paper illustrates the importance of information security management within the organization. The basic idea is to protect information, whether it is in the network, computer system or in a database. Likewise, for addressing system security, all the possible risks, threats and vulnerabilities must be identified for mitigation. Moreover, for authentication purposes, biometric systems are considered to be the most effective control that will also be addressed in this paper. Introduction Due to recurrent technological developments, information and communication technology frequently diverts in new dimensions. The research and development in the context of information...
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... to authenticate that person in a different application. It is a threat to the person’s security over his properties. For an example, if a user authenticates himself with his biometric characteristics to get access to airlines, an unwanted person can gain access to the user’s bank account, car, etc with the same authentication data, which can be hacked from the network easily. Scientists say that these problems will be outsourced by the invention of further advanced systems. However, how far the technology goes, till there will be its disadvantages too. Besides, as Vaca (2007) points out, in the biometric authentication technology, first of all, the person who captures the raw biometric data must be trust worthy person, as they have...
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Biometrics (Add (Add (Add Biometrics Biometrics is the ultramodern means of identification of individuals basedon their biological as well as behavioral characteristics. Biometrics had been a popular topic of debate for a while especially in choosing it as the technology for security checks and access control. As Jain, Bolle and Pankanti (n.d) point out, biometrics will gradually become a prime appurtenance in identification technology especially for the following reasons: repeatedly falling prices of biometric sensors, advancement in the underlying technology, increasing awareness among the public regarding the merits and demerits of the technology as such. But a strong voice had been rising against the implementation of biometri...
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3). The biometric facial recognition process The process of facial recognition occurs in five steps. The first step involves capturing the image. The image can either be a scan of a previously captured image or a photograph that has been captured live by the use of a digital video camera. Videos are also possible sources of facial images. The second step involves searching for the location of the face within the image. This process involves using the mouth and two eyes positioned in the shape of an oval. In the third stage, the face is removed from the rest of the image. To do this, various optional methods are available. When the face has been extracted it is now known as a template whose characteristic data is in a reduced form...
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Barriers to using biometrics for mobile authentication

... of risk(DigitalPersona). Voice recognition is another popular application in wireless communication devices. It is most widely used to place calls, or perform routines based on voice recognition. It allows for hands free operation and is generally applied for safety concerns. Though it can suffer from reliability issues, there is some promise in this technology as a security application. The Current State of Biometrics Fingerprint recognition, because of its longer history and widespread applications in identification, is the most widely used. It works by placing or rubbing your fingerprint across a sensor. The sensor reads the ridges and valleys on your fingertip and the data is stored. An algorithm is applied to the data and provides...
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... of biometrics is playing a vital and crucial role in ensuring security in thousands of organizations, educational institutions, banks, prisons, etc. in various countries of the globe. However, people are still not aware of its effectiveness and inaccuracies, which should be informed by the authorities, in order to equip our society with such security equipments that may prevent our system from different vulnerabilities. Conclusively, it is hoped that the paper will be beneficial for the better understanding of the field of biometrics and its technologies for students, teachers, experts, and nonprofessionals. Works Cited Anil K. Jain. Biometrics: Personal Identification in Networked Society. Springer, 1999. David Zhang. Advances...
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Biometric technology is an effort to diagnose the problems and fill some of the loopholes in the security setup. As of now it is being said that it’ll be almost impossible to change the biometric features of human body, which in turn will help the security people to prepare a reliable database and identify the people with criminal background.
Biometrics is one of the latest applications of IT and helps us in many different cumbersome tasks in an effective manner. The term biometrics has been used since the 20th century. Biometrics refers to the field of development of mathematical methods which are applied in data analysis of problems in biological sciences. The term biometrics has been widely used in two aspects, characterist...
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Biometrics: a tool for information security

... or physical appearance. This technology seems to be effective in dealing with the issue of information security considering its way of working. For example, it stores the physical attributes of the users of the system in which the information is stored. The technology then matches all stored attributes with the attributes of the person trying to access the system. Only in case a match is found, the system becomes accessible for the person. The researchers have adopted a well-structured format to write this article. For example, they have first provided an overview of the biometric technology and then moved on to discuss some of the salient issues that still need some research and exploration in order for this technology to be proven...
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.... Advantages They are highly accurate. They can be used to identify both dead and living human beings. Disadvantages It is very easy to steal a piece of DNA from a person, and the piece can be creating contamination and sensitivity issues. There are no real-time recognition technologies as DNA matching requires complex chemical methods and experts. DNA matching is not geared towards on-line noninvasive recognition. Information from DNA patterns of people can be abused resulting in user discriminations especially in workplaces. It creates privacy concerns. Visual Biometrics Visual biometrics uses body parts that can be viewed from the outside body. Advantages They are inexpensive to set up. The body parts used in visual biometrics are very...
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The Nature of God and Its Relation to Mission

It is God's agent in history, through whom He works by historical processes. Men learn of God and respond to Him in the context of their whole lives as personal, social beings because of the activity of the Christian community. Thesis Mission theology occupies a central role in religious teaching and supported by the main dogmas and principles of theology.

The main texts Genesis 12, Exodus 9 and 19, Numbers 14, several parts in Deuteronomy, Joshua, 1 Samuel, 1 King, 1 Chronicle, Psalm, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Micah, Habbakuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. Jonah's story is considered a missionary book of the Old Testament1. Christians have so understood their role. Jesus' understanding of his role...
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The Effects of Media to Its Audience

... The Effects of Media to Its Audience Introduction Media is known to have an influence on the audience. This can be attributed to the fact that the relationship of media and the audience completes the basic process of communication. The media and its components can be considered as the stimuli causing the audience to react in different ways. One of the main areas of interest in the said field is the affective process of the media. In the study undertaken, the main objective is to present the ways and means which exhibit the effects of the media on the different types and classification of audiences. In addition, the said effects are also classified into advantageous and detrimental in nature. The Media and the Audience The effects...
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Analysis of the Methods of 3 Research Papers about Child Abuse

Research ethics was maintained as the identity of the individuals participating was kept secret. As far as the validity of the study was concerned, the researchers attempted to use content validity in order to get an accurate response. The content validity focused on measuring off the ethnicities and gender percentages within the area and attempting to get a random sample of individuals via the phone. Their approach to random calling allowed for a significant random sample in the study. There were a few issues, however, with this type of approach. Those answering the phone sometimes were not always the desired individual, and not all of the desired people were surveyed. Different replacements did have to be used, and the attempt w...
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International Security Studies: Examination

Globalization affects international security in the sense that problems involving terrorism, the environment, religious extremism, weapons of mass destruction, and the economic crises have become more universal and widespread in character (Ivanov “Article”). As a result, these issues pose a greater threat to national and international stability and safety. More lives are now affected by threats to international security; these threats did not seem too ominous before the entry of globalization. Consequently, some extremists justify the use of mass weapons of destruction in order to guarantee their security. And as globalization continues to expand and to grow bigger as a phenomenon, threats to international security are...
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Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Addressing the Needs of the Hospitality Industry

It is expected that the development of the tourism sector will assist in providing employment to the young and a valued source of income for the nation.

The tourism sector in Morocco has presented a strong growth of 6%, compared to a world average of 1.6% within the last decade (Alkhatib, 2008, Pp. 2). However, the tourism sector in Morocco must compete with other regional attractions, including those that are found in Egypt, which presented a growth rate of 20.6% for its tourism sector within the same period. The Vision 2010 strategy developed by the government in Morocco in the year 2001 in concert with the private sector targets attracting 10 million tourists compared to the 4.4 million in the year 2001 to generate...
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Evaluation of Performance of a Bank Using Published Accounting Data

The performance of a bank is evaluated because of various reasons. The banks evaluate their performance to find out the outcomes of previous decisions of management. The bank regulators evaluate the performance of the banks to identify the banks, which are facing severe problems. Evaluation using the published data is also needed by shareholders to make decisions such as whether to buy or sell a share of banks. Furthermore, investment analysts advise their prospective investors regarding the selection of banks for making investments after performance evaluations of banks.

There are different ways, which have been used to evaluate the performance of the banks. When the performance is analysed through available published...
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Using Computers to Teach Mathematics is Better than Traditional Methods

...Using computers to teach Mathematics is better than traditional methods Computer technology has changed the face of education, and is a useful tool in the teaching of other subjects as well with Mathematics being no exception. Various calculating devices have long been used in Mathematics, but the computer offers an even greater potential. Some teachers are reluctant to use computers, for example on the grounds that it is an expensive option and not every child has access to one at home, but its prevalence nowadays means that students should be given the opportunity to use computers in their Mathematics lessons. They have the advantage of being able to make complex calculations much quicker, demonstrate graphical visualisations, instilling...
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Immigration and Its Impact on the United Kingdom

For example, for farming communities, fertile and well-watered land has been a pull factor in migration. Business opportunities and political stability are also examples of pull factors.
Since the turn of the 20th century, Great Britain and Northern Ireland have experienced a great influx of foreigners migrating into the country due to pull or push factors. There have been different waves of migrations to the United Kingdom, which has had different impacts. Because of this, the United Kingdom has had to respond in several ways, which includes coming up with new acts on immigration, nationality, and providing asylum to refugees.1 However, the topic of migration to the United Kingdom has attracted different political views and...
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Senegal and Its Implications on Tourism

The country has a rich natural and cultural wealth, which forms the basis for tourist attraction. The main religions in the country are Muslim which forms the largest percent, Christian, and traditional religion (Binns, 2002). The big population of Senegal is found in rural areas, where the western-central region is densely populated. In the cities, there is a mixture of Senegalese, Europeans, and Lebanese, but Senegalese forms the largest population. The national language used in Senegal is French and is commonly used by educated people (Binns, 2002).

Researches show that Senegal was inhabited in ancient times. Islam occupied the land as early as the 11th century thus making many Senegalese to be Muslims. The French So...
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Analysis of Articles about Climate Change

Can we imagine an Earth where there are no green mountains, no deep blue seas, and no living creatures? No. But a disaster of such magnitude and dimension is looming over Earth. Humans have identified this threat, defined it and given it a name, global warming. 

It was in the 1990s that the world began to hear serious warnings on global warming and climate change. The summary for policymakers prepared as part of the first assessment report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was the first-ever in-depth study on this topic (Houghton, Jenkins and Ephirams, 1990). This report explored climate change and stumbled upon revolutionary revelations. This study announced in very clear terms that there is a natur...
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Fingerprint Biometrics

Moreover, large volumes of fingerprints are gathered and stored daily in a broad variety of applications comprising forensics, access control, and driver license check. An automatic acknowledgment of people based on fingerprints necessitates that the input fingerprint is matched with any one of the fingerprints stored in a database (Prabhakar and Jain).
In the past few years, Fingerprint biometric-based identity management has become an important area for providing users with secure and simple access to data, information, and services all through various networked systems. Hence, a reliable identity management system is an important element of a wide variety of applications that render their systems and services simply to legit...
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